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GETTING MY FIRST SALE ON ETSY!! (how long it took?? sharing my story)

I started with Etsy way back in 2020 that was my first shop which didn't really work, I tried ads and also promote it but nothing really happened, so I finally closed my first shop out of desperation to get my first sale fast but it never happened.

After months of break, I started with another new shop on Etsy this time I learned from my own failures that I did in my first shop and actually learned from it, finally started with 2nd new shop in July of 2021 after learning from my mistakes and finally, I hit my first sale in my second shop on 26th September 2021, after 2 months of the shop opening, I got my first sale on Etsy in 2 months, it really took me time because

a) I was only having 10 products in my shop that's all

b) I just promote my shop once on Pinterest that's all

c) I didn't try Etsy ads in my second new shop

d) Other unknown reasons

But I finally hit it, that's an amazing feeling no matter how much time it took isn't it.

But little bit feeling weird cause we see on social media, blogs, youtube people getting the first sale on Etsy within few weeks, or within a day of opening up a shop (so fast), and when we get it late then we feel we are not good enough or our shop suck or our product sucks, but that's not the reality, we don't know what that person did in background to get that first sale fast, without knowing the complete picture we started comparing ourselves with them which is not GOOD AT ALL.



Let me share some tips with you that are real tips which I tried to get my first sale.

YOU can also watch the complete video on this topic here

1) The First tip have patience, it's important, in my first shop I really lack that and then I learned from it and didn't repeat it in my new shop.

2) Target those products which are in a less competitive niche or use keywords/tags/titles that are less competitive, because in beginning we don't have sales history, reviews and it is really difficult to rank high on search on Etsy so it's better to go with the less competitive niche.

3) Upload more products, now only had 10 you could have more, which may lead you to get your first sale fast.

4) Try ads if you can but I didn't try in my new shop but I have seen other fellow entrepreneurs getting their sales by that, so give it a try if you can.

5) Run a sale- which I did honestly lead me to get the first sale to have a shop banner or announce in your shop that you are a new shop and that's why you are having a sale 30% off, 40% off, and so on.

6) Give your customer incentive by giving them coupon codes like code 20 for 2o% off and so on if they put your product in their favorite or if they put it in cart and etc.

7) Mention in your description of your product about your ideal customer, who is it for and how it can help them, and so on, it really helps customers to actually purchase from you.

8) Create fewer hurdles as much as you can for your customer to actually buy from you, respond to their messages if they message you, and so on.

9) Promote as much as you can, I just promoted once on Pinterest you could do more on social media and other platforms.

10) Last but not least keep on updating your tags/keywords depending on your stats, which listing is getting you more views, more favorites make more of it and replicate if you can.

Hopefully, you find these tips useful, if you want a detailed explanation and more tips check my video on this topic in detail here

Let me know what you think??

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