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Globo Arte magazine is an international independent magazine, Part of Articolory based in New Mexico, U.S., mainly dedicated to aspiring artists and art lovers, helping them in their art career by providing essential and important information through our magazine, the magazine contains artists' interviews from all over the globe talking about their art journey, their struggles and their passion for the art which inspires and motivate other art lovers and other artists along with covering various art-related topics like how to make money by selling art and various art business topics and how to use social media to grow their followings and start their own online art business and to become a thriving artist. It also contains art motivation topics like how to overcome art block and how to balance art and nonart life and how to deal with mental stuff and struggles while starting and running their art business and their art journey. Not to overstress magazine also contains fun corners like puzzles and jumble words and much more. Each issue of the magazine features artists from all over the globe to help them get the necessary exposure for their art journey and also features them on our Instagram page and thus helping them get more eyeballs for their art.

It's an ebook sort of magazine that releases its every edition every single month and it's each issue contains useful, valuable tips and tactics for an artist to leverage social media and get started with their own art biz and to achieve a fulfilled life as an artist.

Helping artists through our art magazine by solving their problems, clearing their doubts, giving them the way to achieve the life of their dreams, introducing them to the different art world and giving them the insights on how to leverage social media for their benefit, and also giving them the exposure for their art through the art feature in our magazine.


​OUR MISSION is to help the artist achieve their art dream by getting exposure through our magazine and also getting solutions to problems and clearing their doubts.

















PARSHWIKA is a founder of this magazine, she is a doctor, an artist, and founder.













NIVA ALJOR is a writer, art curator of this magazine, he is a graphic designer and artist

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