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Resources for Artists & Creatives

Some recommended resources-

1) Art Supplies-

a) Drawing Papers for artists - Strathmore 

                                                   Canson Mix series 

b)  Graphite Pencil sets- Staedtler Pencils

                                        Derwent Pencils

c) Erasers- Electric eraser

d) Watercolor Paper- Strathmore

e) Watercolors- Winsor & Newton Cotman 


f) Brush pens- Watercolor Brush pens by Chromatek


g) Watercolor Artists Brush set

2) Teepublic- 

                                                                 ABOUT TEEPUBLIC

TeePublic is the world’s largest marketplace for independent creators to sell their work on the highest-quality merchandise.

It is one of the best places to sell your art and designs to earn money as an artist and it's free to join and open a shop.

You just need to place your art on different products like T-shirts, masks, stickers, mugs and so on and Teepublic will on your behalf handle all delivery shipping and customer service and you don't need to do anything.

Join Teepublic now and earn money as an artist

3) Printful-

Printful is an on-demand order fulfillment and warehousing service that fulfills and ships products including clothing, accessories, and home & living items for online businesses.

It’s free to set up, and doesn’t come with monthly fees or minimum order requirements. We produce only what's ordered, making print-on-demand the more conscious and responsible choice over bulk manufacturing.

Connect your online store with Printful, and whenever someone buys an item, the order is automatically sent to us, and we fulfill and ship it to the customer.

Connect your website or your etsy store with printful and start selling your art on different products for free and start your own clothing line for free.

Join Printful now and earn money as an artist/creative person

4) Get cool fonts and graphics here-

a) Creative Market- is one of the largest marketplaces for designs.

You can either sell your art on this platform or you can also get graphics for your store or get fonts for your website and also get cool graphics and designs for your brand or for your art business, we also use the Creative Market for our branding design and fonts.

Get creative market best designs/fonts for your business now

b) Creative Fabrica- Creative Fabrica is a combination of love for art and a passion for handmade crafts and fonts.


We believe that each font and craft is a little piece of art. Likewise, we believe that art should be made available to everyone.

Creative Fabrica was created to improve and change the way people consume digital assets.

It is also one of the places that we look for buying digital assets for our brand and for our designs for our Magazine.

Get Creative Fabrica digital assets and graphics for your business now

c) Envato Market- 

Envato is a world-leading online community for creative assets, tools and talent

Millions of people around the world visit Envato to buy and sell creative assets, use smart design templates, learn creative skills or even hire freelancers. With an industry-leading marketplace paired with an unlimited subscription service, Envato helps creatives like you get projects done faster.

Whether it's graphic templates, website themes, photos, video or audio, there's every chance you’ll spot something from Envato today, from a café logo to a Hollywood title sequence!

This is also one of our place to look for graphics and digital assets for our Magazine brand.

Get Envato Market digit assets and graphics for your business now

5) Merch Tools-

a) Merch informer pro- Our software can help you find untapped, profitable niches, stay ahead of your competitors, and scale your Merch account like a brand.

Your All-In-One Tool For Selling Merch On Amazon

From niche research to trademark protection, start and grow your Amazon Merch business.
Scale your game of Print on demand with Merch informer which will help you in every aspect of your merch business and help you scale your business.
Join Merch informer pro now
b) Merch titan- another amazing free tool for getting keywords for your Redbubble shop or for any print on demand website.
It is a free tool that you can use for your redbubble shop, it's one of the tools that is used by many redbubble sellers.
Click here to access this free tool
6) Tools for Marketing -
a) Invideo- is an amazing platform for making highly professional videos for your brand.
Video marketing is a big part of the game to build your brand, business and to have an amazing online presence for your business.
You can make an extremely high-quality video for your social media, your website, your class, for promoting and marketing your art and youtube intros, outros and so on.
Join Invideo now and take your business to high level.
7) Tools for Youtube -
a) Tubebudy- is an amazing platform for setting your youtube game for success.
It's an amazing platform for finding youtube keywords for your videos, title, and description, finding your competitors keywords, your niche on youtube and so much more.
Join Tubebudy now and take your youtube game to next level
b) Vid IQ- is also an amazing platform for your Youtube channel.
It's a powerful software that you can use to get keywords, title and description of your youtube videos.
Connect your youtube channel with this software and find suggestions and so much more
Join VID IQ now



Some of the links in this list are affiliate links, meaning we may receive a commission if you choose to buy it. However, the price will never increase for you in order to compensate us.

We truly appreciate your support if you do choose to buy through our affiliate links we are happy to answer any questions you may have! Please understand that we have experience with all of these companies, and we recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions we make if you decide to buy something.


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