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How to get consistent sales on REDBUBBLE?

Are you thinking about how to get consistent sales on redbubble/ thinking about how to get more sales/ thinking about how to stand out from the crowd of redbubble to get more sales/ how to earn recurrent income each month / how to earn more passive income online?

If yes, then you are in the right place, cause today I am going to cover in this blog article how to get more sales or consistent sales on REDBUBBLE.

Well, there are many tips and tricks you had come across on the internet to earn more money on redbubble but I am going to share in this article the tips that worked for me in getting more sales.

Well, I am going to share my top 3 tips to get more consistent sales on redbubble.

1) Sticker packs- sticker packs are an amazing way to earn more money on redbubble.

Not everyone is making a sticker pack so if you are making it, you will be one step ahead of the game and can stand out from the crowd.

Also, sticker pack sells well cause if any customer is interested in purchasing stickers in any niche or industry and you are making sticker packs in that niche then that customer is more likely to buy from you that is your sticker rather than buying a single sticker.

That's quite obvious but yeah it's sharing with you guys so that it can help you.

Of course, it takes more time to make sticker packs, but it's worth the time and effort and worth trying it.

Now moving on to another tip that I have for you.

2) Placing all your artworks/designs on all products on REDBUBBLE- optimizing your all designs/artworks for all various products that they have on REDBUBBLE is so important.

Well, do you want to know more about this, then check our youtube video in which I have covered each and everything in-depth, check that out, just click here to check it out.


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