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How to paint Watercolor tree scenery for beginners

There are many ways to paint watercolor tree scenery but I am going to show one of my methods to paint this scene.

Keep one thing in mind that art is subjective so the tips that I am going to share in this blog article are based on my own personal knowledge and interest and so far what I have learned in this artist's journey.

Materials required- what are the essential materials required for making a watercolor painting.

5) Hairdryer- if you are impatient and want your painting to dry soon again it's optional.

6) Tissue paper- it's optional, it is used to remove excess water from a watercolor painting or for removing extra watercolor pigment from paper, or for lightening your watercolor layers.

After that let's get started with painting.

1) Adding an initial light layer of blue color on top for clouds

Always start with the initial layer of light so that you can go on with more watercolor layers as this will make your painting look more real and more beautiful.

2) Once the initial layer is dried apply the 2nd layer which is more dark in comparison to the first layer.

3) Moving on 2nd color is pink apply the first layer of pink color just below the blue color layer on that paper, keeping the first layer light, and then proceed with 2nd layer darker.

4) Add 3rd color just below the pink color layer on that paper, keeping in mind that the first layer of this green color should be light and then slowly increase the pigment of color in each consecutive layer and so on.

5)Once the blue color layer has dried make a small moon from white color using your thin round brush which need not be exactly circular but somewhat circular you can also use some circle-shaped blocks for making it circular.

6) Add slight yellow to green color layer to give it a bushy greeny appearance and to make it a more yellowish-green texture.

7) After all the color layers are dried using a very pinpoint round brush make trees as shown in picture with your black color in that brush.

Keep in mind always apply your 2nd layer when your first layer has already dried, so that your 2nd layer won't get mixed with the previous layer and so on.


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