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There are so many ways to get more sales but here is one of the cool ways. Without further do let's talk about that I am talking about the Zazzle news feed is great to get ideas inspiration and tips. Allow me to explain a few days back only Zazzle requested for fall wedding collections to get featured so you can submit your wedding collection to get featured and it's a great way to get new eyeballs and more sales. They also keep on posting the latest updates in their news feed about a new product launch or regarding occasions and trending ideas and topics. So keep yourself updated with it and if you find something related to your niche then just go for it. I read one blog article by one of the designers on Zazzle that the designer made so much money by selling masks as around the starting of the pandemic Zazzle introduced a new product in their marketplace and soon after the news that the designer uploaded 1000s of masks designs in few days and that gets them so many sales. So when you see new opportunities just go for it don't wait or relax until all others go for it and then you find it gets competitive.  This was just an example they keep on adding new products in their marketplace so keep an eye on it. So if you are creating a wedding collection then you can submit for their recent fall wedding collection feature requests. And yeah many designers will be applying for it so it may be difficult to get featured but why not give it a shot never know if you will get featured... You can also grab the Zazzle workbook that helped me become a Zazzle Bronze pro seller and it's based on my experience so grab it here 

Hopefully, this blog will help you in making more money on Zazzle.

Let us know what you think.

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