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There are so many ways to make money online but here are few ways that I am also personally doing it.

1) first business idea or the first way to make money online is obviously the print on demand now print on demand is huge it's not just about selling on the third party website you can sell it on your own website as well by connecting it with the printful guten or prinify and you can sell the latest printing demand products on your own website as a print on demand

2) the second way is to make money online is by selling your own t-shirt designs or selling your illustrations or graphics or designs whatever you call it in the on these websites it is a creative fabrica creative market in the form of digital file and someone can purchase them download them and can use for selling for making their own designs for their own creative projects or even for selling them as a printer demand design so you can sell your own designs which you are making currently you can create it in the different formats like the png SVG eps or pdf jpeg whatever file format you can choose you can choose them and you can sell them so that is the second way.

3) the third way I'm going to talk about is the book publishing business now you don't need to go and make a book publishing website and all that no you can just get started with the amazon kdp so you can create or design your own books like the low end no content book the coloring books .the journals, the logbooks and you can create the book cover and design it by yourself because you are creating the designs already for your print on demand business so you can do it with the kdp

4) starting with a digital based product business now there are so many digital products that you can create and you can sell them on the etsy, creative market, credit fabrica or even on your own website I have a great example of mine itself like I started with my first online business that is the digital online art magazine and me and my friend started with this magazine and we have created this magazine on the first march of 2020 so it's almost one year and it's going pretty amazing pretty well and since we both know how to design how to illustrate the book and how to make the magazine so we are creating that of course we are learning it of course we are growing it we are taking the feedback from the people who are purchasing the magazine and from the artist and incorporating the new stuff into it this but selling the digital product is really really awesome especially in this time of the pandemic when shipping the product is not that simple and easy like it's a little bit complicated and there the digital product comes into the place you can sell the various different products in the digital products like the here as a digital product based business the graphic the illustration the clipboards or the different types of trackers them as a digital planner there are so many digital products

5)your own youtube channel or starting with some podcast or something like that being an artist you can be a creator as well you can create these youtube videos you can make a youtube channel of course it's not easy to monetize it you don't need to just rely on the google Adsense you can also get started with selling the affiliate products the link is in the description box below and you can also sell them your own products by these youtube videos so this is the one way in which you can monetize your youtube channel being the creator being an artist so that is the fifth way

6) the sixth way I'm going to talk about it just the affiliate product you can get started with the affiliate business either starting with a blog article or either you can sell these affiliate products on the social media platform like Instagram the Facebook or you can get started with the youtube channel the podcast all the Pinterest there are different ways in which you can sell the affiliate products you can market them the email marketing also comes into the play and you can make money by whenever someone purchases that particular product you're gonna get some percentage commission for that particular product

7) Getting started with your own podcast and connecting with the sponsorship ads or getting some sort of the ads in between and making money from that can get the startup with your own podcast and you can with the help of the anchor you can get started with the sponsorship as in your podcast whenever someone's going to listen to your podcast you're going to get paid by that sponsorship ad now if the CPM depends on that somewhere it's a 10 also if it's a 15 or the 20 depending on your country your region your origin or also depending on the type of the niche you are targeting

8) getting started with your own audiobook now narrating an audiobook will actually take some time and some skills to get started with narrating an audiobook and editing that you can hire a narrator from the acx if you want to go with the acx or find away voices or draft 2 digital whatever you are choosing it you can hire a narrator and you can get them narrated by that and then you can edit that audiobook and then you can publish that audiobook the audiobook market currently is quite underrated there is not a that big competition as in case of the amazon ebooks the kindle books or the normal paperback in which the competition is used in comparison to that the audiobook competition is not that huge and there's a great opportunity for you to hop up on right now until the competition increases in the audiobook section as well so that's also an amazing way

9) Selling the courses I'm not telling you to sell courses at thousand dollars or five thousand dollars you can create small courses at fifty dollars or twenty dollars and can sell them by combining your expertise your knowledge in the form of courses in the form of video tutorials or in the form of pdfs or extra resources with the course and you can sell these courses there are different marketplaces out there which you can sell that's the udemy, skillshare. the coursera and there are so many different platforms on which you can sell your courses and they'll gonna get you the organic sales they're gonna market your courses and if not then you can connect the thinkific, kajabi or this platform the software with your own website and can sell it on your own website

10) Starting with NFT - are the future bitcoins and the nfts the ethereum all these are the future and it's a great amazing way to make more money but you just need to know the things like it's not that simple and easy you just need to know what it's working how it's working you need to have a knowledge about it you need to do a little bit of the research before getting started with that

11) Investing in stocks or index funds it's not a rich money-making scheme you need to wait for maybe 5 years 10 years 20 years and to get the good return from your stock from your index funds now I'm not a financial advisor or I'm not an expert in this area I'm also complete newbie like you if you're a newbie I'm also newbie like that so I'm still learning that but i see that there is an opportunity in these stock funds along with the bitcoin and the nfts so there are so many applications like I have heard about few of them that is the robin it you can get with the robin hood where you can get the stocks and there are so many others also.

Let me know how you are making money online below


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