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150 + SALES ON CREATIVE FABRICA/ My experience and my tips and tricks

Although there are many ways to make passive income online I am going to talk about one of the ways to make passive income online by selling your art/designs that you already made for Print on demand websites or shops like Redbubble, Teepublic, and so on.

I am going to share my tips and my experience with the Creative Fabrica Platform and how I make money on Creative Fabrica so far.

I started with Creative Fabrica back in Late June 2020 and by the time I get started with it I wasn't having any experience, any knowledge about this platform cause not many people are talking on the internet about how to open a shop on Creative Fabrica, and make money online by selling your wrt/designs on it and also you can make money on Creative Fabrica by their affiliate program.

So I started in late June and till October 27th, 2020 I got my first 100 sales on Creative Fabrica and by the time I am writing this blog/article I have made in total 154 sales so far On Creative Fabrica, so I get 50 sales just in November and in the beginning week of December 2020.

So far my experience with Creative Fabrica is good no complaint so far I am getting my payout on time in accordance with their terms and conditions so my experience with is a platform so far is awesome.

Now my tips are as follows-

1) Bundles- sells so well on Creative Fabrica, It a subscription-based platform where people buy designs art at times in bulk so making bundles would be amazing tips to get more sales on Creative Fabrica.

2) Keywords- your keywords matter a lot so chose your keyword that is related to your design and you can also look out for other designers and what they are using in their designs on Creative Fabrica to have an idea of what keywords you need to use.

3) Title and description- your title and description matter a lot so chose to relevant to your designs and also write about details of your product in the description clearly.

4) Category - Creative Fabrica has a category where you type what your artwork or designs are related to. so utilize your category according to your design like illustration, graphics, fonts, and whatever your designs are related to.

So I would like to know about how you, are you selling on Creative Fabrica, how is your experience so far with it.


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