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How much I make on CREATIVE FABRICA my first month/Creative Fabrica first month income report

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Creative Fabrica- what is this website and what you can sell on it?

Well, let me give you a little bit of introduction about creative fabrica and what this website is all about and what you can sell on it.

ABOUT CREATIVE FABRICA- According to creative fabrica website


Our goal is simple, to provide exceptional resources for your projects at a fair price.


We're Creative Fabrica. A fast scaling start-up from Amsterdam. Our mission is to change the way people consume digital assets. We believe that the way current marketplaces sell designs is ok, but not great. We will change that.

Creative Fabrica is a combination of a love for art and a passion for handmade crafts and fonts. We believe that each font and craft is a little piece of art. Likewise, we believe that art should be made available to everyone.


Creative Fabrica has been based in the heart of Amsterdam since June 2016. Having a design background, the founders realized how difficult it was to find the perfect assets for a design. Creative Fabrica was created to improve and change the way people consume digital assets.


So this is a website where you can sell your art/designs in form of digital downloads like art printables, illustrations, crafts, drawings and so much more all in form of digital downloads, and can earn money online. It's an amazing way to earn money by selling your art without having to worry about delivery packaging or anything like that and it's a great way to earn passive income online.

Now let's talk about my story when I get started with it and how much I make.

I have heard about CREATIVE FABRICA back in April 2020 but I wasn't sure of what I can sell on it and I wasn't aware of it.

So I did my own research and started my own shop selling art in late June 2020.

You can't open shop on creative fabrica on day 1 itself, as you need to apply for their invitation, and once they review your application, and then send an email whether you can open it or not.

So I applied for an invitation and I get approval in a week got an email from creative fabrica stating that I can open a shop on their platform.

For the invitation you need to provide your artist portfolio your designer portfolio or website or a shop where you are selling recently in the application and also stating why you want to open a shop on their marketplace and all about, they just want to know basically what you will be going to sell on their marketplace and what you create as an artist or designer.

Once after getting approval I uploaded my art/designs that I already made for REDBUBBLE and uploaded the same designs just to see whether someone buys or not.

And to my surprise, you also get paid for opening up a shop and uploading your art on creative fabrica according to their payment plan even if you didn't sell any art but you will still going to get money for uploading your art which was insane cause no other platform is paying for just uploading your art/designs on their platform which is really amazing.

So finally in my first month, I made like 12.58 dollars which was amazing for me, off course for some of you guys it won't be a big money but for me starting from nothing and starting it and just getting something out of it in just 1st month was amazing.

So that much I make my first month but I get paid each month by the art/designs that I upload on it the first month without me doing anything for it, so for me, it's a small passive income

For more detail, you can check the video that I had already made for it.


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