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Amazing Digital product ideas for making money online in 2020-2021

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

What is a Digital Product?

A digital product is a file made in JPG, PNG and in various other formats that is delivered to the customer once they make a purchase, no need for shipping or delivery, the cutomer or client get immidiate product afetr the payment is made.

Now, you know what is an art printable, so you would be thinking how to make it and sell it.

Well let me first tell you what are different digital product ideas that you can make.

Today in this blog we will going to talk about 20 different digital product ideas.

So without further wasting time let's get started with

1) Ebook- is most popular you can make ebook in any niche like food, health, beauty, business, travel , lifestyle and so on.

2) Design templates- you can make any templates like Instagram templates, social media templates and so on.

3) Stock photos- you can sell photos and can earn money

4) Stock videos- same as photos you can sell short video clips.

5) Art printables- you can make art in JPEG, PNG format and can sell it

6) Digital course- you can make any course in any niche check on udemy, skillshare for different course ideas.

7) Digital presets- you can sell filters especially of lightroom presets.

8) Clip arts- its one of most common you can make clip arts in PNG format and can sell it.

9) Party props- check on etsy they have an amazing party props.

10) Digital planners- planners and trackers are also quite affordable way to earn money and its one of way to make passive money online.

11) Embroidery patterns- it's one of most common in sewing industry that you can make and sell.

12) Digital stickers- stickers are cute ways to make and earn money online.

13) Spreadsheets- you make spreadsheet templates and can sell and earn money online.

14) Email templates- you can make beautiful email templates and can sell it.

15) Digital mockups- it is most common way cause many ecommerce webaste need mockups for their product photos so you can make a one and sell it.


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