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My experience of selling on print on demand platforms and marketing strategy to help you bring more

My experience

I have been selling on POD marketplaces for the past 3 years now, I started with RedBubble in mid-2020 and get a few sales and then my account got suspended so currently I am not selling on it. 2nd platform I started was the teepublic started in mid-2020 and currently I am selling on it and getting consistent income from it. 3rd platform I started was Zazzle back in 2020 but then I closed that shop as it was not getting anywhere and opened a new shop in May 2021 I am still selling on it and have multiple shops on Zazzle now and each month making consistent income from it. 4th platform I started was society6 I started in 2021 and it's not that consistent but some months make more and other months not much. 5th platform I started was Spreadshirt got a first sale and a few sales after that but I am not active on it as they have tiers and to reach to next tier you need to bring in a certain amount of sales then only you can upload more products and I have reached to product limit but didn't reach to next tier so I am not active on it. 6th platform I started was threadless in 2022 I uploaded a few products not active on it right now didn't bring in any sales so far. Marketing strategy 1) Uploading more products helps as every new product work as a lead magnet for new chances to market your store on platform.

2) Use some other platform to promote your shop like Pinterest social media I use it in beginning in 2021 and 2022 but currently, I am not actively doing it.

3) Mix and match the niches that already working for your shop to bring in more sales.

4)Do research every week to know what's selling and what you can do about it.

5) Be open to experimenting and trying different niches to see which one works for you and double down on what's working.

6) Stay consistent on the platform and bring some new designs on the platform. Want to know more? And want to know how much I make on these platforms?? Check out my youtube video here

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