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One secret website to sell art online!(eyeem secrets)

That secret website is is mainly popular for stock photos just like pixabay and unsplash.

But recently they started with illustrations on their websites.

Right now at the time of writing this blog article their marketplace for illustration is in beta phase so if you upload illustrations/art right now you would be in first few new comers on this website.

It's a popular old stock photo websites, they have awards, magazines alot of content for creative people.

It's free to sell on this marketplace, their Commission criteria is a bit different It's based on how much money you make by selling your art.

The more money you make higher your Commission gets.

It varies from 25% as low as that to 55% .

Anyone can sign up and sell their digital art they accept JPG file format.

You can check out for their creative selling on this marketplace website for inspiration ideas, you need to select proper category and style for your art.

Recently I started with this website so it's new for me as well.

Want to know more about this website?

Check out this video here

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