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How to prepare for Christmas and holiday seasons?/ LAST MINUTE HOLIDAY TIPS

There are so many ways to prep your shop for holidays whether it's print on demand shop, Etsy shop or Creative Fabrica shop, or shop on your websites. I will share some of my tips that helped me to double or triple my sales in the holiday month Last year and also hope they will help me this holiday as well. Everything that I will share is based on my own experience so hopefully will help you. 1) Plan in advance- don't do last-minute stuff just at least plan 2-3 months ahead of holidays to avoid last-minute hustle and burnout. 2) Make a separate collection or categories for your holiday collection and start uploading products at least 2-3 months ahead of time. 3) Give people incentives like freebies of creative fabrica or discounts or coupons code in case of Etsy shop or even on your website. 4) Start promoting Holiday collections on social media Pinterest is great for promotion and marketing so make a separate board for holiday collections and start promoting. 5) Use holidays related tags and titles and keywords to get traction for your shop and more eyeballs. 6) Make holidays related designs or products that cater completely for holidays and upload them early on. 7) Read the newsletter of the platform on which you are selling to stay updated with their tips trends and tricks for your holiday sales. 8) Ask for help if needed don't burn out in the process. 9) Don't lend into perfection mode because things will never be perfect just give your best and hope for the best and learn from mistakes and keep evolving. 10) Last but not least Share among your family members friends and relatives to drive more traffic to your shop. Hopefully, these tips will be going to help you get more sales for your Online shop, let us know what you think.

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