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How to get started with Zazzle SEO??(Simple steps)

I started with zazzle back in 2021, so I will be sharing everything based in my won experience and knowledge so far.

Keep in mind I haven't mastered the Zazzle SEO yet but these tips that I will share will help you get sales and views.

1) Use only relevant keywords- don't use random keywords tags just to get traction use only that is related to your design for good customer experience and good conversion ratio.

2) Focus on targeting right less competitive niche/products ideas- it takes time to master SEO in very competitive niche in comparison to less competitive ones, so do your research and find less competitive nicbe which is in great demand.

3) Don't focus too much on Z rank on Zazzle as it may or may not be related to SEO or getting sales on Zazzle, just focus on improving your designs customisizing them so well that tehy are easily accesible by your customers and also using right tags, keywords, title for your designs.

4) Have patience- it takes time to master SEO so take your time and check analytics from time to time don't change the keywords again and again allow the ones that you are using right now to work then change letwr on if it doesn't work.

5) Upload more- more products/designs you have in one niche or multiple niches and more chances you have to be found easily by your customer thereby getting sales, updating old designs/keywords is also helpful at times.

These are some tips if you want more in depth check my video here

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