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Today I am writing to you about something different not related to making money as a creative person it's about teh legal aspect and financial aspect of your business.

Although their are so many tools and websites for this but recently I came across one cool website that runs via AI, Machine learning, NLP and help you simplify the complicated legal language.

That website is legalses decoder-

( I am affiliate to this if you click on my link and purchase their paid plan I will receive a small percentage commission without any extra cost to you)

On this website you literally plaste the document that legal document and just click on button decode and it wil simplify for you in a plain text language.

It has English (both UK and US), Chinese, French, German and Spanish for now may be in future they have more..

They not only help with legal and financial aspect of your business but also helps in real estate, contarcts, legal agreements, Loans and so much more...

They have free plan too which you can give a shot in beginning to see whether this website worth it or not then later on can buy their Paid plan if you see it's worth it and you want more characters and words.

For more information you can check my video here

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