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Secret Website to sell your artwork/designs and can earn money online

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Have you ever thought that someone would pay you for opening up a shop on their platform or uploading designs or artwork?

Are you interested in adding one more platform to earn more money per month?

Are you interested in earning more passive income online?

If yes then let's gets started with today's blog article

Yes, Today I am going to talk about that one platform that is really paying you for uploading designs on their platform and opening up a shop.

Yes, it's free to open a shop on that platform, you don't need to pay for opening up a shop.

Without further detail, Let me introduce you to that platform which is CREATIVE FABRICA.

A New Animal on this game of online jungle.

Yes, it's an amazing platform I have recently started my own shop on this platform and I am earning money from this platform.

CREATIVE FABRICA is basically made for creative and artists catering to the artist selling machine embroidery, but you can sell your artwork and designs too.

They have a business model where you get paid even for uploading designs even if your designs are not selling, which is really amazing.

You just need to apply for an invitation, fill their application to open a shop on their platform, and in that application, you need to provide the link of your artwork or design portfolio or an online shop where you are selling your artworks/designs already and then they will review your application and allow you open a shop and sell your artworks.

But again guys, it's worth trying to apply cause it's free to open a shop, and also you are getting paid for uploading your designs.

Talking about their payment - how you will get a payout, so you will get the payout by Paypal, Payoneer or even bank transfer, you can check their website very well.


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