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A few months back I become a Zazzle Pro Bronze designer, I will share some of my tips and tricks that helped me to achieve this.

For Zazzle Pro Bronze you need to make 1000$ dollars just from the US domain of Zazzle.

These are some of my tips

1) Upload more products this doesn't happen for me by just uploading 100 products or so I have 1000s of products in my shop to reach this level.

2) Targeting the right niche which is not that competitive you need to target a less competitive niche to get the sales.

3) Upload your designs as a template - if you are uploading your designs as a template and people can edit it easily it will likely increase your conversion ratio.

4) Promote and share- promote your shop on social media Pinterest can be your great friend in this area.

6) Make a good quality product - your designs should be clear and have high-resolution files so that customers can easily edit and buy them.

7) Tag and title are the juice of your designs apart from the quality of designs so use the right and relevant tags and titles for your designs to be found on Zazzle.

8) Be patient it takes time it doesn't happen overnight.

9) Collections and categories are ways to showcase your products to the customers so that they can easily find the products they are looking for.

10) Take inspiration and ideas from other designers in your niche and take a look at what's selling for them don't copy but take inspiration from what's selling.

Hopefully, these tips will be going to help you get more sales. Let me know what you think

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