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How to get started with Creative Fabrica as a designer and make money by selling your work.

I started with Creative Fabrica back in May of 2020 and after that, I started with 2 new shops and also helped others to get approval on that.

Here are a few steps that you can take to start with it, I have also launched a Creative Fabrica workbook/planner covering each step.

1)Clarify, understand, setting goals- get clear with what you are interested in, what is your expertise, your hobby, passion, write it down, and set goals like daily, weekly, monthly, annual and long-term goals.

2)Setting up a portfolio, getting shop approval and further shop setting stuff- create an online portfolio featuring your best of 50-100 works along with your name, bio, links if any, provide the link of this website in the shop approval application and also let them know why you want to open up a shop, once you get approved then set your shop name, avatar, banner, bio, links and also verify your shop to get a green tick on your shop.

3)Create products- I have separate pages dedicating to graphics, fonts, bundles, and embroidery files to upload on it in my workbook, also keep uploading freebies frequently to get more sales, use relevant tags, titles, and descriptions, also upload bundles to get more eyeballs, select the products you want in your bundle from your shop and set price.

4)Promotion and sharing - promote your shop on social media, Pinterest is your great friend, and also join an affiliate program to share affiliate links of your shop to make more commission for your product sales.

5)Analysis and report- keep looking at your number, you can see the single sales in your designer dashboard, do frequent shop reviews from time to time, check on which product you are getting more reviews/favorites, and also keep checking followers and favorites you gain and also upload more freebies. Look for more products getting more traction and upload more of them.

These are some basic steps to get started with Creative Fabrica, grab my Creative Fabrica workbook that will help you get started with a one.

Let me know if you are gettings started with Creative Fabrica


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