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Magazine December Issue Trailer Launch

We are so excited to launch our December issue, it contains much more stuff than you can think.

The first time we are featuring 30 amazing artists from all over the globe, in the previous issue we featured only 16-20 artists but this it's unique and different as we are getting many art submissions for our magazine so we are increasing the opportunity and giving more exposure to artists by our magazine and by Instagram page too.

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Interview -

1) Rik Wilkinson

2) Mona Lerch

3) Roberto Tranchino

Feature article

An article - by Urvashi

How to use Redbubble to sell your art

How to use Instagram for getting sales

30 days motivation challenge to get you back on track

Along with a fun corner to make your art journey more fun.

Art Curatorial

Niva aljor

Selected artist

1) Digbijayee Khatua

2) Bhagyashri Narkhede

3) Binura Thilakaratne

4) Laura Hudson

5) Fathir Dovi Rino Rizky

6) Katie Butler

7) Devin Ozmon

8) Sharlyn Rios

9) Kate O'Donnell

10) Utkarsha Shinde

11) Ayşegül Yarımoğlu

12) Capiaq Kort

13) Shusaku Aoki

14) Shalini Mascarenhas

15) Robert Ramble

16) Natalie

17) Patrisha Odronia

18) Nguyễn Thạch Thảo

19) Anjana Devi

20) Ava Felix

21) Manuel Sánchez Guisado

22) Michal Szarowski

23) Genevieve Borthwick

24) Riya Negi

25) Nikita Gupta

26) Jade Whitehouse

27) Ana Chozas Lobo

28) Sema Ercan

29) Khriselle Mae A. Beting

30) Côme Desparron

USE COUPON CODE- code20 to get 20% off ( applicable only for 24 hours)

Alternatively, We also have a one-year magazine subscription, you will get a whole year magazine subscription and in that year magazine subscription, you will get 4 magazines digital issues.

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