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3 ways to boost your REDBUBBLE sales FAST?

Talking about Redbubble I have talked a lot about Redbubble in my youtube videos and also on this magazine website in my magazine blog/articles.

So, for those of you who don't know about what is Redbubble and how you can sell on it?

Let me give you a short intro - Redbubble is print on demand website where you can sell your art/designs on various different products like Tshirts, mugs, stickers, laptop covers, mobile covers, and so on without the need to handle any delivery, customer service or anything like that cause these print on demand websites do everything on your behalf like when someone purchases the product they will going to print that art/designs on the product and deliver it to the customer and handle all that on your behalf and you get a commission of per product you sold on that website.

So for now 3 ways to boost your Redbubble sales or 3 simple basic steps.

Although there are many ways/steps to boost/increase your sales, many strategies, and so on I will going to talk about these 3 basic steps which I find helped me in getting my first sale fast and also getting my consistent sales on Redbubble.

1) Title and description- title and description are so important, don't add any random keywords or any words in your title, be very specific about the title and description, and use the most relevant words in the title and description.

I see many artists using the most popular/trending keywords in their art on Redbubble with the intention to get sales fast and more but if your design/art is not relevant to that particular keyword then it will lend in bad user experience cause people are searching for something else and your designs pop up which is not relevant to that keyword.

To get popular keywords for your Redbubble design/art, check the free keyword tool call Merch Titan and it's free to use and you don't need to think a lot to come up with popular keywords relevant to your design, so check Merch titan.

Also check another tool to advance on with your Print on demand journey, to find most trending niche ideas, more trending keywords, best seller rank on different products and almost complete tool for print on demand products, for this we have Merch informer tool which is all in one tool for selling Print on demand websites, so click here to check this tool out.

2) Designs- if your designs suck then guess what no one will be going to buy it and hence getting less sale, it's my own personal experience that in the beginning when I upload artworks that weren't having transparent PNG background no one buy from my shop at all and when I renewed my shop and upload quality designs the art which is having transparent PNG background I suddenly getting sales for my art.

Check this free tool called Canva for making your designs for free for Redbubble and also read another blog/article on how to use Canva and make designs in less than 10 minutes, click here to read that blog article now.

Also, you can get graphics from Creative Market, Creative Fabrica, and Envato for making your Redubble designs or for any print on demand websites, and also you can make high-quality designs.

So take your time and decide how many designs/art you can upload on Redbubble in a week and so on. Don't rush or pressurize yourself too much and never compare yourself with other artists/designers.

3) Promotion and marketing- it's so important to promote your Redbubble shop, you can do it on various social media, also on Pinterest which is like a search engine on which people go for looking for ideas, and so on.

DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you and it supports my channel so I can continue bringing more content to you guys :)


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