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There are so many ways to make money online but I will be sharing some ways to make money some of them are personally tried by me and they are legit ways.

And taking into consideration that all these ways take some time to get the results and these are not a rich money-making schemes.

1) Print on demand- it's one of the most common ways nowadays, you can simply place your work/art on different products like Tshirts mugs, and when someone purchases that company will make that product and ship it to the customer, and you will receive your commission.

2) Book - ebooks, paperback, or audiobooks you can create an art book or coloring books or puzzle books and also audiobooks.

3) Graphics/illustration- you can sell your illustration on Creative Fabrica and Creative market or even on Etsy.

4) Affiliate - you just need to promote the product using your link and when someone purchases, you will receive the commission for every sale you bring, you can share your link on social media/youtube channels.

5) YouTube- starting with a youtube channel can be a great way but consider it takes some time to get your youtube channel monetized.

6) Digital magazine/comic books- you can create digital ebooks or PDFs and can sell them online.

7) Cards/Invitations - you can place your work on greetings cards, business cards, or even on Invitations.

8) Original work/art prints- you can sell your original work or can create art prints and sell them.

9) Social media creator - many social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok have creator funds depending on your followers, and engagement you will get paid for uploading the content.

10) Patreon/memberships- are also an amazing way to make recurring income, you can provide value to the people by Patreon membership.

11) Courses/art tutorials- you can create and sell art courses or design courses on Udemy, Skillshare, or even on your own websites.

12) NFT/crypto- you can sell your art in form of NFT on open sea or foundation like marketplaces and can make money.

13) Digital templates/workbook- you can create templates/workbooks and can place your work in this workbook and can sell them and make money.

14) Commission art/freelance artist/designer- you can work for clients or your customers and make money by doing that work.

15) Animations- you can create small short animations and can sell them online or simply can convert your illustrations into animations.

16) Calligraphy- you can make digital fonts and sell them online.

17) Sponsorships- you can work with art brands or design brands and can make money by promoting their products.

18) Art shows/events- online or offline events are so common ways and depending on what you chose you can set your budget and price ticket.

19) Art licenses- you can sell licenses of your art to companies or brands and make money from that.

20) Party props/Designing a home on occasion- can also be a great way by using your art as party props for parties or just simply as wall art for a specific occasion.

Hopefully, this article will help you in making money as an artist/designer/creative.


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