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A few months back I started with Zazzle shop now I already had my old shop back in 2020 but I did several mistakes in that old shop and wasn't made much from that so I closed that shop and learned from my mistake and opened a 2nd new shop on Zazzle back in late May 2021 and that was my brand new shop so I uploaded few products and get my first sale in the first week of starting it. After that, I opened 2 more new shops back in August and September of 2021 and collectively based on all sales that I made from all these 3 shops I made in total 1176 dollars in profit in the last 8 months from June 2021 to 5th Feb 2022, like June, July. August months were kinda slow didn't much but in late Q3 and Q4 that is from September to December 2021 I made a lot of sales and so far till fen 2022, I made 1176 dollars in profit. Now revenue is different because Zazzle is a print on demand website and you being as an artist and designer just place your work on different products and Zazzle takes care of product making, shipping, and delivery stuff for your customer and you made a commission for every product sold, So I had my royalty percentage around 8-10% quite low in the beginning and then I increase to it around 11-13% so in total I made 12000 dollars in revenue and I sold 12000 dollars of products on Zazzle. Now profit is low because I kept my royalty percentage low in beginning to test the market but now I have increased it. How many orders I received - well if you are selling cards, invitations, or paper products then customers do not purchase 1 unit in 1 order but they purchase multiple units like 100-200 units in just one order or more than that, people purchase in bulk, so I roughly had over 600 orders so far off-course in some order I Sold multiple units like in one product a save the date Christmas invitation I sold 200 units of that invitation in just 1 order so this is just an average because I have a variety of products in my store so it varies a lot so an average I receive 600 orders. Now you can check my youtube video on the same topic for more in-depth details and tips here.

But now let's move over to some tips 1) Always diversify don't just focus on one shop or have one stream of income always diversify in fact I made all these sales from 3 shops on Zazzle so it's legal to have more than 1 shop on Zazzle 2) Your niche- it matters a lot but pleases focus on those niches that are interested in you and which you can do because it's not a rich money-making scheme it takes a lot of time and effort to get the sales, so finds niches that are in your ideal interest and sub-niche down if you find it competitive to get first few sales fast. 3) Go for design ideas that you can pursue long- it's a long journey Not a few days one so upload designs that you can make even when you don't see the results because things that are in your interest will help you go long even when driving gets tough. 4) Have a proper consistent routine to upload new products depending on your own unique situation but consistency is important 5) Have your designs template-based because on Zazzle people come to use your design as a template to edit them so make it according to it. 6) Have patience it will take some time so don't just rush through it go with consistency based on your unique situation. 7) Share as much as you can- shard on social media like Pinterest which is great for driving traffic to your shop complete organic traffic 8) If you want a planner or step-by-step guide then make sure to check my Zazzle shop workbook planner step-by-step planner to help set yourself up for your Zazzle shop.

9) Focus on branding you are not here to make a few quick bucks but you are here to make a long-time sustainable business so have proper shop branding and upload products according to your ideal client avatar. 10) Work on your mindset if you have any sub limiting beliefs around money that money is bad or evil or something around those corners that you really need to rewrite your beliefs to make income from your shop because you can't just be hardworking you also need your energy to be aligned with it so it's very essential to focus on your limiting beliefs and correct them I do with affirmation. Hopefully, this article will help you in getting sales from your own Zazzle shop let me know what you think and you can our YouTube video for more in-depth tips and strategies here.


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