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Recently I got an email from Zazzle stating that I became a Zazzle pro designer, I am was so happy to receive this email, I am going to share my complete story and also share some tips if you also want one.

I started with Zazzle back in 2020 with my old shop, that shop got me first sale in November 2020, but after that sales didn't rise that well as I thought of I got few sales but it didn't work well as I expected to, so I started research looking out on how to make more sales on Zazzle read different blog articles, different youtube videos and also Facebook groups, after a research, I realized I was making a mistake by taking Zazzle as a print on demand website that was a big mistake and I finally realized it until May 2021, then finally decided to give a fresh start on Zazzle, started with brand new shop from scratch, correcting my mistakes.

I started with 2nd new brand shop finally in late May 2021 and got the first sale in the first week of June 2021, and after spending almost 3-4 months I finally got an email and became a Zazzle pro designer, I made all the sales in September 2021 but it was pending section and get cleared in October 2021 and finally became a Zazzle pro designer.

Zazzle had different pro levels starting from basic, then bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and diamond, basically started when you make 100 USD only on Zazzle US domain, not from other Zazzle domains, that's why in the beginning more sales from other domains than US domains that's why it took some time until I finally got sales from US domains

Now I will be going to share some of the tips that I did differently in 2nd shop to get a Pro designer badge.

1)Just get started- don't think that you need to be a pro before you start you just need a beginner to get started and later down the road you will figure out how to make more sales and so on.

2)Zazzle is not a print-on-demand website- it's true it's the mistake I did and the moment I corrected it things change, Zazzle products or designs that are uploaded as templates get more sales because people can customize it according to their needs and that's what people look for products on Zazzle.

3)Start with a branded shop- have a proper bio, shop banner, logo, you can make banner and logo in Canva it has an amazing template to use for, have proper designs descriptions.

4)Promote and share your shop- share your shop on Instagram, Pinterest and if you have a youtube channel then go and share it.

5)Have Patience- it will definitely going to take some time to get sales so be patient and work towards it.

6) The Last tip- have a proper uploading schedule depending on how much time you can give it on a consistent basis weekly or monthly and maintain it and do the work it needed.

Hopefully, this article helps you, let me know, for more detail check my youtube video on this topic


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