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Top 30 Ways to make money online as an artist/designer

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

There are many ways to make money online but here are my top 30 along with 2 more bonuses to make money online.

1) Selling art on various print-on-demand websites- you can sign up on Redbubble/ Teepublic/merch by amazon to sell your art on various products like T-shirts, mugs, stickers, and so on. You can also integrate Printful with your website to sell it on your own website.

2) Selling original art/designs- you can sell the original art you make, it is a form of more active income cause you need to make it again and again.

3) Selling art/designs in form of digital downloads- you can make your art and can sell it on

Creative Fabrica/ Creative Market /Etsy in form of digital download and it's more of a passive form of income you don't need to make it again and again and you can sell unlimited copies of art you have made.

4) Selling art courses/design courses- you can make art courses and can sell them online and it's also more passive cause you need to make these courses for once and they sell them again and again without even making it again.

5) By selling art/design books- you can make books around your knowledge and can sell them on Amazon or on your own website too. Alternatively, you can also sell planners/journals online by Amazon too.

6) By selling art prints/design prints- you can sell your art on art pal it an awesome website to sell your art prints, it's free to join and you can open up a shop on day 1 itself. Click here to sign up art pal.

7) By selling art software/mobo apps - you can make art software and you don't need coding to make these apps there are many tools that help you do that.

8) By starting with a youtube channel- you can start with an art channel off course it takes time to grow your channel and all but it's worth your time and effort, you can sell your work by youtube channel too.

9) By starting with Patreon - you can make a Patreon page and your followers/subscribers can support your work on Patreon by in exchange you giving them value each month either in form of art tutorial or art prints. It works on a tier system.

10) By starting with Podcast- you can make a podcast around your art/design and can make episodes each month or whatever is your uploading frequency and then can monetize your podcast by sponsorships or by selling your products in your podcasts.

11) By selling audiobooks- you can make an audiobook around your art/design knowledge and can sell it online and can make passive income online.

12) By selling art workshops online - you can sell your prerecorded workshops online, it's also a passive income.

Want to know the rest of the ways to make money online?, download the FREE GUIDE - TOP 30 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE FREE GUIDE HERE

Let us know are you making money online by these methods or not?

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