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Top 10 ways to make money online as an artist/designer?

There are many ways to make money online as an artist but I am going to talk about the top 10 ways that are really genuine and authentic ways.

Some of these ways are personally done by me and I am also making money by these methods online.

1) By working as a freelance artist/designer or by doing commission art- you can also make art or design for a client, you can check out Fiverr, Upwork or you can also sell your services on your own website, it is an active income you constantly have to work and make art for your client and you can charge according to how much time it takes to make that art or depending on the art style.

2) By selling art/designs on Tshirts, Mugs on various print on demand websites like Redbubble, Teepublic - this is a sort of passive income strategy and is also common nowadays, so worth checking it.

3) By selling your original art- you can sell your original art, it is a mixture of active or passive income, you need to constantly make art to sell your art.

4) Selling art/designs in form of digital downloads- you can sell your art/designs in form of JPG, PNG, SVG files on various websites like Creative Market, Creative Fabrica, Design bundles, it is a form of passive income strategy.

5) By selling art via comics- if you make your art according to a certain theme/style you can make a complete comic around it, you can sell these comics on your own website or on other online marketplaces.

6) By making and selling books- you can make and sell books, you can make art/design books related to your niche or style, and can teach people and share your knowledge via this book, you can sell books in form of ebook or paperback on Amazon or on your website.

7) By making and selling art courses- you can make an art course like how to paint/draw and can teach other people via making these courses online, you can sell on a marketplace like Udemy, Skillshare and also you can share it on your website and also on kajabi, teachable and thinkific.

8) By making software/apps - you can make art related software and apps without coding, now a days there are many platforms you can use to create these software/apps without coding.

9) By making art/designs for playing cards and selling them- yes you can make kids playing cards and can sell them online, you can make these small playing cards for kids by making your art/designs on these cards.

10) By starting with a blog- you can also start with an art blog/design blog, you can monetize your blog by placing ads on the website by Google Adsense, Infolinks, mediavine and so on, you can also sell your own products on your website and can make money online and also you can sell your services on the website.


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