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There are so many art careers in this online/offline world, but today I am going to cover the top 10 out of them

Now you might need a degree if you want to get an official job in some company or art studio, they might ask you a one but either way if you don't have a degree (like me) then you can choose online world because it's your great friend at such time.

But let me tell you, I don't have an art degree/or any sort of degree in this space but I do make money by one of these routes, so it all depends on what you want to do with it.

Let's dive in

1) Artist/Professional artist- for this your might need a degree if you want to get an art job at some company or studio but if you don't have then get started online, use social media grow your following, and monetize your work.

2) Illustrator- If you create an illustration of any type, then you can be an illustrator and can sell your work either do commission work or something or the other.

3) Animator- for animation you don't need a degree to learn animation, use social media or youtube or google to learn it, I also make animations (not as a pro) started with 2D one and now 3D one, You can start with 2D or 3D whatever you want.

4) Photographer- If you like taking pictures then you can become a photographer and can sell your work on various websites like adobe stock, crestock, and so on, you can become a photographer in a particular niche or topic.

5) Sculpture making/sculpting- if you love playing with clay-like me then this is for you, you can use polymer clay, stoneware clay or air dry clay or either porcelain to get started with, you can miniature as I do love making them or maybe crockery or sculptures and so much more.

6) Art Teacher- It's awesome you might need a degree if you applying for school, university, or any company, but either way you can start with social media start teaching people 1-1, can make art courses, workshops, or masterclasses and so much more.

7) Painter- You can be a one if you like painting like watercolor painting, oil painting, acrylic painting, can teach other people on how to paint or can sell your original painting, art prints.

8) Printmaking- You can start with printmaking and can teach others too if they want to or sell your work too, use the online world to make sales.

9) Graphic designer- is a so common job right now, you might need a degree to get a professional job for a company, either you can do freelancing or sell your designs too, it's too broad you can pick up a niche or topic too.

10) T-shirt designer- you can become a T-shirt designer, sell your service, your work online, create designs and sell them.

Let me know what you think, about it?


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