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We're going to be talking about how to overcome the fear of failure as being an entrepreneur when you're starting something or when you're kind of like in between and you're still having that fear of failure and you're dealing that I'm not good enough it can't be achieved it's impossible and all those kinds of things when it's going to linger in your mind and you feel like how to overcome that so let's get started, maybe many of you guys would be dealing with this thing currently in your online entrepreneurial journey or in your entrepreneurial journey whatever it is as quite common so today is the only entrepreneur update and I'm gonna be sharing some tips with you guys that help me in dealing with the fear of failure because everyone goes through that state always remember that okay so let's get started.

The first tip is to always remember whenever you are dealing with the fear of failure or whenever you're getting started something and you feel like I can't do this it's impossible or you're having kind of like an imposter syndrome you feel that you are not good enough you suck your stuff sucked no one ever will going to purchase from you and all those kind of negative thinking were going in your mind that is called kind of like an imposter syndrome so to deal with that you always need to remember that is the first tip that I probably do most of the time is always remember that everyone on this planet earth who had started with their entrepreneur journey had faced with this particular thing at some point in their entrepreneurial journey you are not alone maybe currently there are so many people in this world feeling the same thing like you are feeling it so you are not alone the moment we realize that we are not alone a lot of burden from our shoulders just release out and we feel more relaxed more calm and more cool calm and all those things so it's really important to understand that you are not alone there are so many people who are facing this situation currently in their entrepreneurial journey or maybe in their life in general and they are dealing with it and you need to realize that you're not alone everyone fights with that in fact every online entrepreneur normal entrepreneur as well have faced this thing at some point in their entrepreneurial journey so this is the number one tip guys and I know that it was really going to help you because it really helped me when I realized suddenly that I'm not alone there are so many people dealing with that so that's okay if I'm feeling it I need to be okay with that.

So let's move on to the second that I have for you the second tip is kind of like when you realize that you already know that there are so many people dealing with a similar situation in their life right now in this current moment now you feel more relaxed now you need to tell yourself it's okay if I'm feeling this way it's okay to not to be okay at all the times that is the thing should be there like no one is ideal even if you see the people posting the happy pictures with their girlfriend boyfriend or even if they're single whatever it is they're posting the happy pictures whilst traveling and all those and you think that oh that people have an amazing life they are living an amazing livestream and blah blah blah blah what do you think and what you see are just the highlights of their life onto the instagram yes they're just posting their highlights it's not their complete life they're people those people are also struggling with something or the other in their life and not many people talk about that in front of the camera in front of the social media they just hide it because many people feel that if they're just going to talk about their weaknesses their strength their struggles what the other people will going to think about them the people who are going to judge them and all those kind of things start appearing in their mind that's why they don't post it on the social media or talk about the camera on the youtube channel all but everyone is going through something or the other in their life they are struggling with the things in their life always remember that so you need to be okay this is the second thing that I do most of the time and I feel like I can't do this but I feel like it's not possible how I'm going to do it and then I tell myself it's okay if I'm feeling this way that's okay it's completely normal it's a normal human behavior we are not robots so if we are feeling the negative stress that's completely okay that's completely normal and we really need to be okay with that tell ourselves it's okay to be not to be okay at all the time if I'm not feeling this way right now that's okay the moment you tell your brain the moment you tell yourself while looking at yourself in the mirror you will gonna feel good about it the problem arises when we don't accept our behaviors when we don't accept ourselves the way we are and we need to accept the way we are okay.

The third tip that I have for you guys which I do most of the times after doing all those two steps is to just take an action yes because if you sit with these thoughts for a one hour for a complete day you're gonna definitely feel negative about it you're gonna feel all those negative emotions in your mind lingering like that so what I do I just take an action you can use a five second rule by amazing entrepreneur the Mel Robbins if you guys know about it if you don't know then go on to the google and search for the five second rules by mel robbins you're gonna definitely find some video about it and you can watch that but I'll just gonna give you a short brief what it actually look like like whenever you want to take an action and you're procrastinating or you have a negative thoughts and you're dealing with the fear of starting with that then probably you can count back from five four three two one and the moment you reach to the one you need to start acting you need to start taking an action because if you don't take an action the moment you reach to one then your mind will going to come in between and we're going to stop you and we need to surpass that negative thinking we need to surpass that mind thought that is stopping us from taking an action so that we can take an action to get the results we want so that is the third tip you could do is practice this five second rule or if it doesn't work then you can also do it from 10 you can do it from 10 to 1 or 15 to 1 whatever works well for you depending on your unique situation ability and all those things take an action this is the third tip so what I do I feel like I'm feeling negative I don't know how 'm gonna do it and the moment I feel that I realize that I'm not alone I can do it it's okay and then I immediately take an action whatever the action look like like if you're getting started with your redbubble shop and you're thinking it's not possible it's quite competitive I can't do it I don't make the good designs I'm not a designer I'm not an artist I can't do this I can't make the sales and the moment you feel that start taking action start with the red bubble shop start making the designs start uploading the designs take an action whatever it is to reach that goal or to overcome that fear that so take an action towards that goal to reach you towards that goal because if you just let it go and sit by that particular action for hours it will going to keep on going into your mind we're going to feel bad about it the whole day will going to be messed up and you'll feel bad that you wasted your whole day and all those kind of stuff so that is the third thing.

The fourth tip kind of like a bonus the fourth tip that is really really amazing and it really changed the way I think about my own entrepreneurial life in fact I think about more life in general my more life okay so this thing is about life is too sure life is too short to actually think about that whether I have some fear or whether I have some negative thoughts life is too short like if you're just thinking that I need to be feeling bad about it I'm gonna be sitting with this thought for a complete hour for a complete day think that you're wasting your time you're wasting your time thinking about the thoughts which are not really important which are not really worth it these thoughts are not really worth it and in fact they are not at all true you are worth it you are a worthy person you can do whatever you want to do with your life you can achieve the life goals and your dreams it's just these thoughts that are stopping us and we need to tell these thoughts we need to surpass these thoughts by the positive affirmations so I tell myself life is too short if I'm thinking that I have this fear of failure I have the fear of starting with that the life is too short and I'm wasting my time thinking about all those things which are not really true which are not really worth it because I am worth it I can do this and I'm gonna do this so these positive affirmations and these thoughts that are really positive are going to help you surpass the negative feeling of fear of failure tell you guys there is no fear of failure in fact yes it's all about our mind it's all about in our mindset if you think that if I'm going to start with the red bubble shop and I'm going to upload to designs I'm not getting the sales I'm failure no you're not a failure at least you tried it in case you did the things which 99 of the people don't do it so congratulations for that because 99 people just have in their mind I'm gonna start it I'm gonna start and they procrastinate a lot they do all those things and they don't even take an action and when you're not taking an action how are you gonna achieve that goal how you gonna reach it think of that so you only you don't have anything to lose over here guys you only have to gain well that we are working on a magazine from the one year and I was talking to my friend who was like kind of like a co-partner I'm co-founder in my magazine business and I was talking to him and we were distributing our magazine to global news stand starting from the august and we have distributed to some of them and we are trying to more to get the more readers and do all those kind of stuff and I was talking to him and I told him I'm just gonna distribute it to these many platforms and what actually the magazine subscription look like for a year and also so I just reduced the price and he was like we can't be profitable if you're reducing the price how we gonna profit it and all those things were going in his mind and I immediately tell him that there is nothing to lose of course there is enough to gain because when we are uploading our magazine onto the multiple different websites into the global names then of course there is so much to gain from it because we will be getting new readers even if we get the few sales a month from that particular news team that's completely okay we have only to gain nothing to loseI just told him this thing and he was like yeah that's true we have nothing to lose we are only the great and we are already in the profit we are already in the profit in our business we uses most of the resources that are kind of like made by me or by my friend only because we are an artisan designer so we do most of the stuff like from the last month only we hired a new person in our a new member in our team so we are paying that person to do that particular task but we are still in profit so I told him there is nothing to lose there is only to gain and he said yes true so this is just a short example guys of course I also get so many times negative I also go into the negative round so many times and then I told myself oh no get out of this life is too short to think about it I have only to gain nothing to lose and the movie to tell myself I get started with that, I hope you really find it useful and enjoyable do let me know in the comment section below have you ever deal with the fear of failure and how well you're working on that whether it's working well for you or what other things do you have any tips to share.


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