One secret website now this one's secret website is not that new website it's been around the corner for a little while or maybe a decade and maybe some of you guys have heard about it maybe not and it's completely free to get started with that like you don't need to pay for anything and even you don't need to get an approval to open up a shop on this website you can just sell your work on the day one itself and make your shop on this and this website is pretty amazing and you can expect to make a higher commission from this website this is one of the major plus points of selling on this website is that you can make a higher commission per sale that you are making, working on your products, this website is Contrado maybe you have heard about it maybe not let's talk about this website and how you can sell it what are a different kind of products what is the commission criteria how are you going to get paid a little bit more about it.

We have already made a complete video on Contrado, check out here

You can sell your art on 450 plus products which are insane like there is a huge product range is there on this website 450 plus products like you can make your own complete clothing store completely clothing store or completely homeware store accessories on different kinds of product store for your own brand for let's talk about premium products made on-demand so that's the made in one facility handmade curtains you in products private labeling so they also have the facility to have private labeling so what I really mean by that our branding station gives you full control over your own branding build your brand and add your own logo to the product as well as your dispatch note and write a personal thank you message to your customer so you are getting the facility to have a private labeling

When did this company started and the Contrado imagining Limited is a London-based company founded in 2002 so it means to assemble and deliver accomplish in a one-stop production facility we specialize in making quality custom products on demand the servers enable creatives to sell art build brands offer unique products and gives consumers the chance to find exclusive exceptional quality designer products each order is carefully handmade inside their facility often within 24 hours Contrado has a network of 40 websites in nine languages across 14 territories.

Let's talk about that you can sell the clothing different kinds of men, women, kids clothing you can sell the homeware or the kitchenware items you can also sell the accessories and fabric one unique point is that you can sell the fabric if you are looking for fabric for your own clothing your design and all then you can design your own fabric over here and you can purchase your own fabric for your own project so which I think it's quite amazing, just go onto the Contrado and apply for the selling and all the email address your name your URL of your customer store which you want to like your customer store name and then start selling onto the Contrado like you don't need to get the approval you don't need to pay for anything you don't even need to order the samples of your products to see whether your designs looked apt on this product it will really going to help you to make more money since they offer the high commission.

Set your own price to one more get paid within 14 days your commission as well but i see that handbag at hundred dollars then you'll be receiving 25 dollars by selling just one single handbag so i think it's a pretty amazing deal like you can sell your high ticket offer products on this website and can make huge money by selling few products only like if you wanna make a hundred dollars onto the red bubble you need to sell many different products onto the red bubble to make that much money because the commission rate is low the product cost is low but here the product cost is high and commission is 20 to 25 percent so if you're selling any product ranging to i think if you're selling any product ranging to 100 you're gonna get in just single sale 20 or 25 percent ranging in between that which is i think is amazing so if you want to make a hundred dollars from this website then you just need to sell four to five products which are having the price range of hundred dollars so you can see like you need to sell less products to make more money and there are the red bubbles you need to sell more products to make more money so this is the way i compare the red bubble with the contrado because if you at least sell five or ten products in a month you're making a hundred dollars or maybe two hundred dollars by just selling five to ten product because they are having a good commission for the products.

Their products are really amazing quality everything is hand-printed and sewing to order in one to three days in our facility no third party handling your art we deliver fast so if you are purchasing your own product like if you want to test the quality of your product it's not compulsory guys there is no need to uh like if you're thinking that you need to open up a shop on this Contrado and then you need to buy your own samples to see the quality is it necessary or not it's not necessary to buy but if you want to check the quality of your products that you are getting 40% discount if you want to order products you'll get an exclusive 20 to 40 percent off on all your orders like if you want to check your own products like how it's looking the quality of the products and all then you can get the 20 to 40 percent discount pay you're gonna get paid by the PayPal so that's simple and easy.

Let's talk about if you are a student based in the us or canada enjoy a 30 discount on all your fabric orders in a world filled with color and beautiful design so we are offering great discounts on not only fabric but label tags and even your own portfolio we print your custom designs into 105 different fabrics using specialist techniques with no minimum orders an extra quantity discount if you need to order in bulk your contradictory catmix student discount can be used with fabric printing custom fabric labels paper swing tags leather swing tags and look books so you're going to get student and it's not just if you are a student in u.s and canada if you're a student in the uk or in the other parts of the world you can submit you can apply for that you're gonna get the discounts if you're ordering something from this website and one thing i'm missing guys over here let me just talk about that one thing i'm missing over here is that contrario also offered the drop shipping yes if you are looking for drop shipping like if you are having your own shop having your own website and you want to sell the products on your own website like if you have integrated with the printful but if you want to do that with the contrado then contrado also has the drop shipping offer own contrado drop shipping app which you can download and you can integrate it with the shopify and can start selling your predominant products onto your own website.

So do you like this website and do you want to sell your art on it?

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