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There are many websites but here is another secret website to make money online

I'm going to talk about that website and how you can take advantage of being a printer on demand seller to make more money online by doing your print on demand business so we're just going to go straight with that

That website that is now it's a new website for me as well and it's maybe for you as well so let's talk about what is this website all about how you can make money as being a printer on you, if we go into the about section on to the website you're going to see they are saying prodigi is the world's leading print on demand platform what we do we help companies selling printed products to simplify the logistics and maximize their profits we do this using software in our dropshipping network our in-house manufacturing facilities are located in the united kingdom and mail-in Europe surrounded by a global network of print on demand fulfillment partners so they are mainly located in the united kingdom and Europe, our mission is to make global printing local printing products closer to customers greener cheaper and faster a platform is designed to make your business simpler more competitive with greater scale and lower cost.

We're going to talk about what different kind of products you can sell and what is the system and how it works, so they have a different kind of wall art prints and posters frame prints canvas prints and panel prints then the lifestyle they have the stickers stationery device cases photo books photo gifts home and living for in the apparel they have the men's clothing women's clothing kids clothing accessories so they have a huge variety of the products.

This print on demand website is that it's not a marketplace guys it's just like a printful printify, you need to connect your website your Etsy store your woocommerce your Shopify store whatever you're having to this prodigi and then you can sell your own print on demand products it's not a marketplace guys so if you're thinking that it's a marketplace you can hop up on right now and start selling your product demand product then I'm gonna tell you it's not a marketplace it's a solution it's a website which helps you in drop shipping your print on demand products you can connect it with your website either with the Etsy either with the gumroad or either with the woocommerce whatever.

You can check it out guys because I'm also new to this website so I don't know what is their printing quality and their shipping and the delivery and the packaging stuff I don't know much about it but still you can go on their website and can research a little bit about it.

So do let me know are you using this website or not, would love to hear from you.


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