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We're gonna be talking about how to make money online as an artist as a creative entrepreneur or even if you know how to make a design even if you are a print-on-demand seller so I'm going to be covering the different ways and different methods in which you can make money online and we're going to go back to the basics like if you're a complete newbie in this online space and you are a creative entrepreneur creating your designs creating your artwork.

There are so many ways in which you can make money online but probably I'm gonna be covering the few ways which I came across in which I have the knowledge so far in my first year in my own online journey.

1. First route is building your own personal brand

2. Second route is building your community by your business

The first is the building a personal brand what i really mean by that like you can start with an artist with a creative journey or even if you know how to create a text based design or whatever designs you're creating as a print on demand seller, you can get started with that you can create a social media channels like start with your instagram page facebook page or twitter or even start with a youtube channel and like show off your work in your social media channels and promote your work by that and then when you see that you're getting some traction and you're getting some kind of like followers likes and comments and all people are interested in your work then you get started selling your work like either you can do the commission artwork you can do the freelancing it's very common if you're a graphic designer even if you know how to create a designs the commission artwork or the freelancing is quite common you can check out the fiverr and you can get started that another approach to give it is by selling your own art or selling your own designs like if you're creating a physical form of art then selling your original artwork or selling your original designs, third approach could be selling your art grades or selling your graphics in the form of like a passive income you can do it in the form of a digital product or you can also do it in the form of a physical product whatever route you choose it

So this is the one route of starting as an artist a creative entrepreneur or even a print-on-demand seller that is building your personal brand kind of like you are using your own name on your channel on your Instagram page and promoting your stuff while like what you are doing like if you're creating a text-based design you can create an Instagram page related to that particular niche for example if you're creating a text-based design around motivation or around some education or even if you're creating funny jokes or funny text-based designs then you can create a page around that a Facebook page Instagram page.

I took probably was starting with your own business like often people get started either with a personal brand like they're gonna go into youtube and we're going to talk about some particular niche or topic depending on their skill and experience and then people are going to follow them and then they're going to sell the products and so on and so forth it's all about the personal branding.

The second approach is starting with your own business and then promoting your business on the social media platform on Instagram or Facebook the youtube the Pinterest or even by the paid ads or the art fairs or our shows and promoting your products.

You can very well do your own research and see what kind of like approach works best for you so for example if you're a print on demand seller and you're getting started with your red bubble shop or a teepublic shop now you have a business owner okay you are a business owner don't take your red bubble and t public show up as a hobby because if you're taking it as a hobby then you're doing a big this favor to your shop because you won't get into that sales which you are expecting to it because if you are in a hobby mindset you are going to think that oh it's my hobby i'm going to do it when i feel like doing it i'm gonna work on it and i'm gonna feel like no it doesn't work that way like if you're treating it as a business then you're gonna work each and every day and we're going to be patient with that we're going to put the consistency to get the desired results so you need to change that mindset if you're in a hobby mindset change into the business mindset to actually make a good amount of money from your own print on demand shop or whatever you can call it.

For example, if you have a Redbubble shop then you can create an Instagram page the Facebook page the Pinterest page or the Twitter page whatever social media you're gonna go with that around your own business or even you can make these youtube videos and educate the people or entertain the people around your own specific niche of your print-on-demand selling like if you are creating the text-based design around the jokes some kind of like a joke it can be anything then you can create a youtube video uh like creating or entertaining people by your youtube videos and then promoting your business where that's youtube videos in the putting the link in the description box and talking in the videos and so on and so forth so these are the two basic ways in which you can make money online as an artist as a creative entrepreneur one is by growing your personal brand and second by starting with your business and then growing your business along with using these social media channels.

There are so many routes and these you can make money by as an artist like you can sell your original artwork you can sell your art prints you can get started with the athlete products like you can provide links in the youtube channel or on the social media page of the art supplies you're using you can sell your printer and you made products you can sell the stationery you can sell the digital courses you can sell the digital product you can even sell the physical product as the arts supplies like you can sell the watercolors the brushes like there are so many ways in which you can make but these are the two basic routine which you can choose if you're a completely beginner completely a newbie to this online world into this creative world and you do a confused like which route you want to go with that if you are okay with the personal branding route and you feel comfortable with that then go with that route and if you don't feel comfortable with that and you want to get started with your business first then start with your business first.

So these are 2 basic ways to make money money, let us know what you think??


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