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Let's talk about that secret website now this secret website is really something a new website and I feel like this website is amazing the way it is and also it's there for building up your own brand or your business around your own niche, topic, or around your whatever interest so without further let's talk about that website that is the now many of you wouldn't ever hear about it, what is different about this website and how you can use it to make money online and sell your work on it.

Its based in Los Angeles and Philadelphia so it's the united states based company like you can either have a drop shipping you can run the campaigns you can sell your products so let's first talk about what different kinds of products you can sell on this website and you can make money by that so start a clothing line you can start with the products like the custom t-shirts, the custom hoodies, the hats joggers women's kids clothing woman label tags jackets so these are some kind of products which you can sell on this website obviously you can check it out the website and look more for it what's the detail about these different kinds of products what are the product quality, what is the product range is it really worth your time and effort or not you very well can do your research, now one thing i'm going to tell you guys it's not a marketplace now you would be thinking that I can open up a shop on just like a redbubble teepublic on this website you can start selling my print on products no it's not a marketplace although you can run the campaigns and how you can set up and all but it's more specifically for the people who are looking for a print on demand option of course it's free to get started with that.

This is the another question that often comes to the mind when we are looking for a new website whether it's free or not it's free to get started, I think that is the most important whenever you're starting with your brand your website and you want to sell your own premium products or simply the products that have private label that's a white labeling is there you can brand your own products and you can connect it with the shopify this is the amazing option they have you can install the shopify app and you can start with your own website on the shopify and then you can connect with this website for this website that you can order your products and you can sell them in the person for example if you're having a physical store at your locality or whatever you can call it in your city or in your country and would you like to sell the different products in your store then very well you can go to this website you can order the bulk of the different products and can start selling them in your person in the physical store in your own country okay so that is a unique thing about it they also offer the wholesale options so because if you are ordering a lot of the bulk of the orders of all of the products from this website you'll be getting the wholesale discount which is very important.

Create your account you can just enter your email address and get signed up for the free it's free to open up an account on this website and can start selling then enjoy these benefits you can order the bulk and you're gonna get the discounts, variety of services print, embroidery, applique no minimum order for clothing, if you are starting with your own brand and you want your brand logo to be seen on your products then this website or for that facility which I think that not many print on demand options or websites, if you're ordering in the bulk you're getting the discount and there is no minimum order because in some of the website they obviously ask you to order a minimum quantity then only they're going to supply you that particular product but in this website, there are no minimum quantities there you can order from one piece to the x amount of pieces that whatever you want to order shipping option.

Let's talk about the campaign what I really mean by that now if you know about the Kickstarter or some of the websites also offer this facility where you can start with your own campaign, you can set your campaign goals for example like selling the 50 products and you have set the goals to sell those 50 products in that campaign then you can decide your target of your campaign that I'm gonna sold 50 products in this campaign and then you can actually estimate the time that I will be able to sell it in the one month or six month and then you can set the your campaign time and campaign target and make that campaign go live on this website and once your campaign go live then you can share and promote on the social media or your friends your family members and ask them to purchase and when you reach to that campaign goal, you make money and obviously you can make money so running a campaign is an amazing option to kick starter your project and to gets it go with your brand in the very beginning.

If you guys don't know about the kickstarter that kickstarter is an amazing website where you can fund your projects where you can fund your brand if you're starting with something and you want to have funds for your projects or have a funds for your brand and you don't have a one you don't need to go with a venture capital or those investors and to pitch them to invest in your business or your company you can simply go over to the kickstarter and for depending on that particular time you can set the goal of your campaign and can start onto the kickstarter and if you meet that specific goal and then obviously your campaign is live and your campaign is successful and you'll need to meet the demands of your campaign and for every campaign goals you need to provide value to the people in exchange of the funds because no other person will going to pay you something without getting anything in return for example if you are selling the print on demand products you can set the campaign like I'm gonna deliver you a t-shirt at twenty dollars and I'm gonna be selling this hundreds of t-shirts in just two months so you can set this time specific and then you can set your campaign goals that I need to solve the hundred t-shirts in this two months and then you can set the price of your campaign, it's an awesome way to fund your project your brand at the beginning when you don't have a funds and when you don't know how you're gonna get the money or you don't know who is there to buy your product so that is about the starting with the campaign I talk about the kickstarter and the similar thing is there with this website here as well.

I think it's a great option if you're looking for selling your print on products selling your art and designs on different platforms, now lets the last thing which I find quite interesting and quite amazing which I feel like if you're starting with your brand then obviously you need to have a branded t-shirt or branded clothes then you can have your logo seen on your clothes, the more you order the more you can save in bulk you can save up to 55% you're gonna get a good discount like they can give you a 55 percent of discount or the more bulk of the order so which is an awesome thing.

Let me know what you think about this website?


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