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I'm gonna be talking about selling your art and design on Etsy on amazon or even on eBay like those all big marketplaces how to sell your art and designs on these big platforms so and how to make money on that

Let's talk about selling your artwork selling your designs onto the etsy amazon and all those big marketplaces now being in address there are so many routes you can go by making money online as an artist or as a designer you can see either sell your work because they have the huge audiences they have the huge customer base already and you can utilize to make money online as an artist as a designer now talk about as the competition the these marketplaces have a huge customer but also the competition is huge you need to pick up a niche and you need to do your research what kind of work is selling on this platform and what kind of work you can create to sell and supply to your customer or so let me give you an example one of the most common type of artwork that sell and I also did that much more before not now was the abstract art forms extract art form sells amazingly well and if you are an artist in creating the abstract art or even if you're a designer and creating the abstract form of the designs then you can very well approach this market on these places you need to do the research what kind of people are purchasing what are the people already selling such kind of work their niches their keywords their title tag description and doing the all research work you have to do it guys it's the work before actually getting started with opening up a shop on this platform and started selling them so that is the thing you need to do.

Another thing you need to choose whether you wanna going to be physically delivering your product to the customer or you will be going the digital product route or either you're going to go with the print on demand round now these three routes are completely different if you're creating your original artwork you are an artist and you want to sell your original artwork then obviously the first round is the best for you to actually ship and deliver to your customer and all those but if you want to go with the digital product route you can sell the digital product only on the etsy amazon don't have that facility of selling the digital products so far maybe in the future they would have one but etsy only have the digital product you can create a digital art printable or digital designer print that people can download them after the purchasing it now there are so many people selling uh digital art printables or art printables onto the etsy you can very well go and check it out there's so many people in various different niches and you can check the sizes what kind of sizes they are creating are they selling six by nine seven by nine a4 u.s letter what are the different sizes in which they are selling what are the kind of the patterns you can do the research depending on your niche and category and then go for something which is not that competitive and is in the demand so this is the second round that is the digital product you're converting your artwork your designs into a digital file which people can download after purchasing it the third route is the print and demand that's an amazing route as well you can connect the integrate the printful printify gooten with the etsy with the amazon and can start selling your print on demand products on these websites they're gonna print your design your artwork onto the product we're going to handle the delivery and shipping to your customer on your behalf and you just need to sit back and just handle that's all you need to do you don't need to deliver ship and all those and customers will going to get the product a physical product and that would be a white label would be your own brand so it's an awesome way to sell the physical products now each of these three methods have their pros and cons the first method where you're selling the original art or maybe art prints by yourself it's a little bit messy guys and if you are a beginner then you feel that it's okay I can print it and I can send it but later if you're getting more customer now it would be so much time consuming and so much messy for you to actually deliver each and every product to your customer by your behalf so that is a little bit of the cons over here but the pros is that you control the quality of your product you control everything about your product because you're making that you're shipping that and you're delivering to your customers so you control the quality and all those stuffs okay and the this is the pros and cons of the first product first idea second one is a digital product in the digital product the first pros is kind of like a passive you don't need to deliver it you don't need to do all those kind of stuff and you are surpassing them directly to providing the digital files when people are purchasing them so that is an amazing route to the passive income the second thing I could say is it's much more feasible it's less messy and you can do it like you can create multiple different files, the third idea was the print ON demand for the printer demand the pros is that it's again a physical product only so you'll be getting good money and the another pros is that you don't need to handle the messy part of shipping delivering and printing all those kind of stuff the company is doing on your behalf you just need to sit back and relax and see what's happening the cause of this is that you don't control the quality of the product you don't control it of course you can order the sample of that company and can see how is the quality and all but uh whatsoever you don't control much of the quality of the product their printing their shipping and the delivery to the customer you don't control it so you don't have that much of control over it so if you want to have a complete control of your product that you're selling and you decide what you want to do with that then obviously you need to go with the first draw so these are the three routes which you can pick up for selling your artwork or designs on the online space now once you have done your research you know what niches to target what your title tag description look like which of the idea you want to go pick up that idea of whatever suits best your interest your hobby or best your business whatever it is and then get started with that.

Eventually, one advice they're gonna give you over here is that all these are third-party platforms so you need you don't have that much control, of course, you're getting the customer beforehand but you don't have that much of control so on-site when you're getting some profit when you're making some money from these marketplaces then you can very well start with your own website as well and can bring the customer from these marketplaces to your own website and get the sales because on your own website you have the full control and you control it and on these marketplaces, you don't have the full control so you need to go with the rules of these marketplaces to get the money from that.

HOPEFULLY, you find this useful let me know what you think?


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