Recently I got my first sale on Spreadshirt so I am going to share my story with you and share some tips.

For those of you who don't know what exactly is Spreadshirt, Spreadshirt is a print on demand platform to sell your art/designs on different products, and when someone purchases that product, this company will print that product and ship it to the customer on your behalf and you're will receive a commission for every product you sold.

I started with Spreadshirt back in early 2021, don't really remember the exact month as I was trying many new platforms and see whether it works or not, I uploaded a few designs, and then I receive an email from Spreadshirt talking about their new tier system, just like Merch by Amazon, like you only allowed to upload few designs until you make some sales then you move to next tier and you can upload more designs, similarly, they were allowing me to upload only 200 designs on Spreadshirt on their current tier, so I finished uploading all 200 designs and then I receive a message you cant upload furthermore if you want to then first get some sales to move to next tier and you can only upload more designs.

So I just leave the platforms for the month and I upload my last design in June 2021 and left the platform like that for months, until I receive an email a few days back stating I make my first sale on 28th Feb 2022 and I receive that sale email in the first week of March 2022, so it took me almost a year with 200 designs to get my first sale like after June 2021 I didn't even sign on my Spreadshirt account to check the status.

So what if I could things differently to get my first sale fast, the answer is yes I can but since I wasn't really convenient with their new tier system to limited to only 200 designs and didn't like their uploading process much so that's why I didn't really put much effort apart from uploading designs, adding title tags, and description.

Now I will share some tips if you want to get started with Spreadshirt.

1) DONT EXPECT TOO MUCH- its a weird one but bear with me, since you are only limited to a certain amount of designs only that means you have a limited chance to be found on their marketplace so you don't have much control apart from uploading really good designs in good niches so that's why expect not too much.

2)RESEARCH- now I didn't do my job of researching on the platform well, so that's why it took me a year to get my first sale but if you want to get it fast then do research see which one sells or not and find a proper niche and optimize your products according to it.

3) UPLOAD HIGH-RESOLUTION DESIGNS- please upload high-quality designs and optimize your tags and title according to it, its really important yet obvious but worth mentioning here.

4)PROMOTE AND SHARE- now I didn't really share my Spreadshirt shop on social media but please do it if you guys want fast results and share it on Pinterest which is great for promoting your shop for free.

5)BE OPEN TO EXPERIMENT- try to use the general shop concept apart from the niche concept because you never know which niche or design can get you sales but first it does try to upload more in that niche but first upload multiple different niches trending or evergreen or mix.

LASTLY, want more tips and a more in-depth check out my youtube video in more depth about it, click here to check it out.

HOPEFULLY, you find this article useful let me know, you can follow me on youtube for more such videos.

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