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Recently I got my first sale on Displate, so I am going to share my own story about getting my first sale and how long it took, and how much I make?

I started with Displate back in May 2021, after getting approval, you need to get approval on Displate to open up a shop by submitting your portfolio link and if they see your work is compatible with their platform then they will allow you to open up a shop.

So I started taking Zazzle seriously back in July, August 2021, uploading daily designs/artworks on it, you need to upload your original work on Displate.

I use Photoshop to create my own digital art for Displate in its proper dimensions and proper high-resolution files.

Finally, on 28th November 2021, I got m first sale, I received an email from Zazzle saying that I need to check my commission info as I got my first sale so I quickly log in to my account and saw my first sale.

Someone bought a large metal print that costs around 89 dollars and applied a 34% discount coupon and purchased my art.

I made 4 dollars in commission by my first sale and I am so excited and happy and grateful for it.

It took me around 4-5 months to get my first sale.

Sharing some tips

1)Always have realistic expectations about Displate set proper goals and have the proper mindset and maintain consistency in uploading new designs.

2) Use relevant titles and use all tags that are related to your designs properly.

3) Promote your shop on social media, and on Pinterest which is so easy to get started with.

4) Use proper categories for your designs, Zazzle allows 3 categories at least for your designs use relevant ones, and be specific.

5) Always upload the high-resolution files of our art so that it would have a good high-resolution print.

6) Have at least 4-5 collections in your shop related to your designs

7) Last tips have patience it will take some time to get the sale.

Hopefully, these tips will help you get sales, and let me know your thoughts?


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