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One secret website to sell art online

There are so many websites to sell art online but today we will consider one secret website that may not be that common

That website is teachers pay teachers

Now, what is this website all about?

It's an online marketplace made by teachers for teachers especially for helping their students with the lessons.

Depending on which grade it is it varies a lot but you as an artist and designer can sell on this website which I will tell you in a second.

You don't need to get approval nor pay for anything to get started selling on this website even though they have a premium plan but you can get started with a free plan and if later on, you want to upgrade then you can but starting on a free plan is the best way you can start.

Now you would be thinking about what to sell and do you need to be a teacher to sell on this website well you don't need to be a teacher and you can sell your art in form of digital downloads like graphics, Clipart, illustrations, background textures, and patterns.

When someone purchases you make money by that depending on which license they bought from you and TPT takes a commission for every sale you make.

It's based in the US and the majority of its customer is from the US and have millions of monthly visitors so it can be a great opportunity if you are looking for one.

How do you get paid?

They have Hyperwallet as a payout method you need to sign up on Hyperwallet by just going over to payout method and entering your details and filling the tax form depending on where you live whether living in the US or outside and depending on your country where you live you will get different options like PayPal, Venmo or direct bank transfer you can select one out of these methods.

Then each month TPT will send your money to your Hyperwallet account of yours and then the Hyperwallet will send your money to the payment methods you selected.

You can watch a complete video on this website where I cover more in-depth over here

Hopefully, you find it useful let me know what you think

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