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Getting my first sale on Adobe stock

Now you would be thinking what is adobe stock? and how you can make money on it?

Let me answer adobe stock is a platform for selling art/designs/photos/videos on their website, it's a kind of stock photos/videos platform where you can earn some passive income online.

There are many stock photos/video websites some are micro, some are big depending on their payment or profit margin per sale.

Adobe stock is like a microsite where you don't get much paid for each photo/art you sell, I saw other people selling on it and stating that they make from it 0.30 dollar to 3 dollars per sale they make on it, which is not that much but it's again a passive income stream so yeah it's another way to earn money as a creative entrepreneur.

I started back in June/July of 2020 and yesterday I got an email from adobe stock that I got my first sale back on 28th December 2020 and various details regarding it.

I want to tell you it's not how much you are making in fact it's a way to create your artistic/creative portfolio online cause it's a reputed platform and each month many people come on their platform to get stock photos/videos for their creative project and I also have heard that some creative people got hired by companies/brand to work for their creative projects through this platform.

So it's a great opportunity to get your creative work in front of companies and brands and maybe get hired by them and also earning money on the side by selling your work so yeah it's an amazing opportunity.

But Yeah it's an amazing way to make more money and to open new doors for your creative career.


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