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We had released our March 2021 magazine issue on 1st March 2021 and that is the 1st-anniversary magazine issue.

We started with our Globo Arte magazine 1st edition back in March 2020 so it was our 1st-anniversary issue and for the very first time, we featured 30+ artists from all across the globe which was really amazing that we get such an amazing chance to feature so many artists.


Interview with Mark Noble

Featured article- Onielo Louis Deluzio

How to use Instagram reels for getting sales

30 days motivation challenge to get you back on track

Along with a fun corner to make your art journey more fun.

Art Curatorial

Niva aljor

Selected artist

1) Luke Melling

2) Giorgia Di Lernia

3) Robert Joseph Moreau

4) Zeycan Nur Önder

5) Betina Blairy

6) Naimul Hussain Parvez

7) Micaela Ruiz

8) Escape Drawing

9) Kevin Asla

10) Johanna Bruun

11) Pamela Mallah

12) Conny Kramer

13) Eugenia Stupina

14) Yuta Goto

15) Dawid Kotodziejczyk

16) Mr Avocado

17) Hermathus Vankhai

18) Terry Bradford

19) Diana Juricova

20) Valerie Chew

21) Catleen Penner

22) Angi

23) Mutante

24) Angela J. Toledo Monge

25) Yhohhanan Jane

26) Xavier Xionus

27) Victoria Marchen

28) Anggie Dwi Ardila

29) Erza Metkamberi

30) Bellise

31) Maria Elizabeth

32) Anais

33) Laurent

Let us know what you think about it, give your feedback.


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