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How to double/triple your Redbubble/POD Sales? (How I did it?)

There are many ways to increase your POD sales, but I am going to share some tips that really worked for me to double my sale.

After getting my first sale, I got my second sale after that and after that few months I wasn't getting many sales, it was kinda at the plateau phase, then I did some things to double my sales.

So let's gets started with that-

1) DOUBLE DOWN ON DESIGNS/NICHES that are already working for you, I double down on designs/niches in which I was getting many sales which help me to get more sales, cause I was knowing it that people are coming on my platform to purchase design particularly in that niche so doubling down and uploading the designs in the same niche help me to get more sales cause that ended in customer to buy more from my shop.

You can also make more designs in that niche or similar to old ones which are getting you more sales or multiple sales cause that means that people are coming on to your shop to purchase that design.

2) USING SAME TAGS/KEYWORDS what I mean by that I used the same keywords, tags or titles, description in my new designs that I am uploading on the POD website, but one thing is that use same tags, keywords only when the new designs you are uploading are similar to your old design If both designs are in the same niche or kinda similar to each other but if they are not then don't use the same keyword/tags cause it leads to tag spamming and which I don't recommend doing, so keep that thing in mind to always use same keywords, title, description when you upload new designs that are similar to your old one.

Cause you are already having kinda authority in your previous design which was selling well, so if you uploading a similar design again and use the same tag then you have more chances for your designs to be seen for that keyword.

3) MARKETING AND PROMOTION- try with more marketing for that old designs which gets you multiple more sales, you can try paid ads if you want to so that you will get more push for that design, but don't use paid ads in the beginning cause in beginning we don't know which designs people are interested in buying and which are not, so it might lead to wastage of money so I don't talk about paid ads is beginning to go for, but if you are getting multiple sales for that designs and you know it's selling well then only use pad ads to give it more push.

Let me know what is working for you or not?

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