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How to find right keywords for KDP book?

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

How to find the right keywords for the KDP book There are many ways to find it you can also search on Amazon for this, you can also use keywords everywhere to find it out. But today I am going to share one of the tools to find the right keywords, which I started using recently only but that tool is multipurpose you can find many things for KDP book business on that tool. That one tool is Book Bolt, now I have a made complete video talking about Book bolt you can check it here But that tool is mind-blowing you are getting so many KDP Interior for free. And if you purchase their paid plans they have 2 paid plans that are newbie and Pro plan whichever one you chose is amazing. You will be going to get competitor analysis, you can also search for a single book can do niche analysis and so much more. In that there is one option called as Keywords search, you can type in any keyword or any niche related and then you can search into it you will go to get a list of keyword along with their Amazon ranking, Google ranking, also about competition whether it's a competitive keyword or not. And from that, you can choose low competition keywords having less search volume but ranking high. Along with that, you can also look for the KDP book category finder, in the KDP book uploading process you need to add a KDP category and that category you can also find in this book bolt. It's an awesome tool for the KDP book you can do so much in this tool. You can click on the link here to access the book bolt

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