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How to make and create an online Clothing store in just 15 minutes

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Thinking of starting your own clothing store from scratch might seem overwhelming, right?

But today I will show you how to make your own online store in just 15 minutes.

Today we are surrounded by many different tools in the online world that make our life easy and simple.

I will be going to talk about Teespring.

Well, you would be thinking about what is Teespring and how it can help me in creating my clothing store.

Now you would be thinking what is Print on demand website? what are these?

Let me break it down for you, Print on demand websites are website which makes products on demand and that means you just need to put your designs your artwork on different products like Tshirts, Mugs, Masks and so many different products which they have and then they create a virtual listing and store/ shop for you which you can promote on your social media platforms, or on your blog, or on your YouTube channel and when someone clicks on the store link that you provide in your YouTube video description box and buys your product, then these websites will going to print that design on the product and will going to deliver that product to your customer on your behalf, which is AMAZING as you don't need to do that and then you will receive a commission to profit per sale of the product you sold.

Isn't it amazing, right?

You have your clothing store without even worrying about printing, making, packaging, and delivering your product to the customer and without even need to handle customer service.

But one thing they take the base price of the product you sold which depends from product to product and website to website.

Which I think isn't too bad when you are just starting out and don't know how to make your own clothing store.

But if you want then you can do printing, packaging, and delivering your product to the customer, if you don't these companies/websites to take the base price.

But anyways that is topic for another blog, which if you want then we can talk about in another blog, so please let me know in the comment section below if you want that, I will make another blog on that.

Okay! so now you would be thinking that what are these websites name which will help you in making your own store.

Let me give you some examples like RedBubble, Teepublic, Teespring, Spreadshirt, Merch by Amazon, Zazzle, Cafepress, and the list goes on and on.

But every platform is different from another and they work differently.

So today we will talk about Teespring.

So for this, I have a complete youtube tutorial on how to make and create an online store on Teespring, Just click here

So far you have learned how to make your own clothing store at Teespring, So I will leave with you a question would you rather use this website to make your own store or not?

Let me know you think about it and also comment down below have you created your store or not?


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