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How to monetize your YouTube channel having less than 1000 subscribers?

You would be thinking is it really possible to monetize the youtube channel without actually reaching 1000 subscribers.

Well answer to this question is yes.


So if you are interested, then let's gets started.

When I was getting started with the youtube channel I was thinking I need to wait so long before reaching 1000 subs and 4000 watch hours to get monetized and actually make money.

And I was tensed whether I would reach the threshold or not.

But along the way in few months I discover few ways to monetize without me actually having to wait for reaching that threshold.

Now there are many ways to monetize it but few ways really worked for me so that's why I am talking about it.

1) 1st method is Affiliate income- which is really awesome and you don't need to do anything just place your link of affiliate products or programs in the description box of your youtube video, and you can make either a complete video talking about that affiliate program or also mention about that program in your videos.

The first time I received the affiliate income was with Teepublic, I am a seller and designer on Teepublic and I provided the link for the designer to join the Teepublic and some people click on that link and actually join the Teepublic and when they start selling on Teepublic and they got sales for their designs I will going to get 1 dollar of each product they sell on their shop and those people will get a full commission for their product, so I got my first Designer referral affiliate commission back in November 2020 and that was really amazing for me.

Another example is Creative Fabrica I am a seller and affiliate of Creative Fabrica, and some people click on that link in the description box of my Youtube videos and actually purchased some graphics on Creative Fabrica and I got the commission for that.

Of course, if you have more subscribers and more views this income will increase but you can get started with it without actually reaching 1000 subs.

2) Moving on 2nd method is Digital products- yes I am selling digital products on Gumroad and providing the link on that shop in the description box of my Youtube videos and these digital products are related to the topic of Print on demand which is a hot topic on my channel many people come to watch those videos so I made digital products around it and in December 2020 I sold the Redbubble checklist that I made as a digital product via my Youtube video.

This is another awesome method to monetize your channel and also digital products are a great way to make passive income online.

Moving on to a bonus way to monetize your youtube channel which I came across recently and which I found working for me.

That bonus method is Blogging yes I have 4 different blogs.

And rest 2 are in different niches, I have provided the link of these websites in the description box of my youtube videos and when someone click on that and visit my website I have ads running on my website that are mainly Google AdSense I will get money from google AdSense for that, which is also awesome to make passive income online and also getting more visitors on your website.

So after going through this blog article you are thinking of starting with your own youtube channel and start making money by that.

So I hope you really enjoy it, Let me know Are you making money on the youtube channel or not.


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