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Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Is Helium 10 worth it?? You might have this doubt, isn't it??

Here I am talking about Helium 10, What is it? What it is used for? and Should you ever use it or not?

Well Let me say something here, all the things that I will be sharing with you in this blog are based on my own experience and my own research regarding Helium 10, so take it with a grain of salt, it might vary from person to person, but do let me what you think?


HELIUM 10 is basically all one tool for selling on Amazon, complete software that can help you in making money via Amazon and also other e-commerce websites.

It helps entrepreneurs to sell and make money effectively via Amazon providing all data, research about the products, niches, keywords, BSR, ASIN number, and a lot more about Amazon to help guide a seller on Amazon to effectively the products.

I have personally used Helium 10 for the KDP book business that is part of Amazon to sell books via Kindle direct publishing, but you can sell for anything that you are selling on Amazon, also for Amazon FBA.

Below is a screenshot of HELIUM 10 PAGE which describes Helium 10 numbers, how many people use it, and also how effective this software is.


There are so many features but I am going to talk about them in brief.

1) Product research

2) Keyword research

3)Listing Optimization




7) Finance

8) Free tools

Let's talk about all features in a brief.

1) Product research-

As mentioned in the picture these are all the tools that come in Product research

Not to forget Helium 10 also has a chrome extension, which is pretty amazing isn't it?

You can install the chrome extension and can you use it for your research on Amazon.

In the BlackBox section, you can do Product research, which I have personally tried for my KDP book, this is an amazing tool, it tells you so much about the product you want to look for, research for.

It has so many filters to actually deep down on your particular product, strategic results catering to your needs, I could say it as a SECRET BOX instead of BLACKBOX, cause it is a really a secret box

In this picture, you can see the various filters that you can use to research the product, I prefer to show the things instead of talking that's why over the course of this blog you will see a lot of pictures because I believe pictures do a great job of explaining things rather than words (ITS MY BELIEF, IT CAN BE DIFFERENT FOR YOU)

Anyways that is about the Blackbox, let's talk about another option

TRENDSTER - this is another option in product research, what does it do? Well the picture below will clearly describe it, let's take a look

Determine in a matter of seconds if a product will have steady sales year-round or if there are major demand fluctuations that could tie up your cash in slow-moving inventory. (As mentioned on Helium 10 website)

Trends go and come, isn't it? it's very difficult to actually know that, that particular product will be going to get the sales all throughout the year, so we have you covered with an amazing trendster tool that can help you in determining whether this product can get you sales all the year or it's just a trend.

Based on the product ASIN number you can look for whether you can get sales all throughout the year or not, pretty interesting!!

Try it yourself and let me know your thoughts.

Now moving on to the last option in Product research

PROFITABILITY CALCULATOR- to calculate whether your product is profitable enough or not.

2) Keyword research- in this option let's cover some important tools

CEREBRO- Discover the Best Keywords for Your Listing with Cerebro, you can research keywords in detail get a CEREBRO IQ and so many things related to keywords in this tool.

You can also leverage competitive keywords, start selling your products with effective keywords on Amazon.

MAGNET- another tool that helps you in keyword research, it works as a magnet for getting good less competitive keywords

Magnet has the largest database of actionable Amazon and Walmart-related search terms and long-tail keywords on the market.

Leverage keywords for your specific products and niches to get sales.

As mentioned in the picture you can get a magnet IQ score, keyword phrases and so much more.

Let's move on to the last option in keyword research

MISSPELLINATOR- for checking spelling which is important after all you did all the work and get fewer sales or no sales just because of spelling, is not worth it!!

So instead of that just use this misspelling checker

3) Listing Optimization- let's cover tools in this option

FRANKENSTEIN- keyword processor

Clean Up Massive Keyword Lists Into Traffic Generators

Just remove the unnecessary keywords that is not needed for your products

SCRIBBLES- don't miss a single important keyword in your products

Validates keywords and list important relevant keywords.

INDEX CHECKER- keyword index checker

What Normally Takes Hours Can Be Done in 30 Seconds With Our Amazon Index Checker!

Check whether your keywords can help your product in ranking in the search engine of Amazon or not.

LISTING ANALYZER- Amazon listing insights

Listing optimization is made simple and easy.

AUDIENCE- last option is the audience- Amazon split testing

Instant target market feedback to optimize your listings, you can create polls, questions and can customize your products according to it.

4) Operations-

Let's cover its various options.

INVENTORY MANAGEMENT- forecast & manage

Get Your Inventory Stock Just Right, All the Time

Faster and easier and in one single step.

REFUND GENIE- Get your money back fast by automating the complicated

FBA reimbursement process for lost or damaged inventory. get refunds faster and easier.

ALERTS- hijacker & Product monitoring to keep your products safe on Amazon from hijacking

FOLLOW UP - you can send email automation and can follow up with your customers.

MOBILE APP - Helium 10 also has a mobile app for mobile users, business on the go, you can download from Google play store, iTunes stores

SELLER ASSISTANT- one request, multiple reviews

You can get multiple reviews from your customer by this tool, Install Chrome extension of Helium 10.


let's cover options here

PROFITS- analysis your sales revenue and profits for a healthy business

Complete performance matrix and indicator.

MARKET TRACKER - competitive intelligence

Track the market and take the lead in your niche

KEYWORD TRACKER- tracking keyword

Simplify The Process Of Monitoring & Tracking Your Amazon Product Rankings

6) Marketing

ADTOMIC- monitor and regulate your Amazon ads and so much more about marketing

Meet Adtomic. Our AI-Powered Amazon Advertising Platform Designed to Maximize ROI and Minimize Wasted Time

PORTALS- Take control of your traffic, Landing page builder

7) Finance

ALTA- financial solutions

Fund, Pay and Control Your Capital

Manage your finances with options.

8) Free Tool- the last feature yet important one cause it's free.


Input a seed keyword or ASIN to uncover thousands of competitive and relevant search terms


Tap into the power of Adtomic to get a fast, free evaluation of your PPC campaigns


Promotional URLs To Help Market Your Amazon Or Walmart Listings


Last option

Measure your product with an effective QR CODE.


Now you ould be thinking I understand its features but how much does it really costs, so here I am let's discuss the pricing.

Well, you can get started with free, then you can upgrade to whatever plan you want to, most popular plan costs around 97 dollars a month.

Use coupon code at check out - GLOBOARTE50 - 50% Off First Month Of Helium 10

GLOBOARTE10 - 10% Off Every Month Of Helium 10 Or An Additional 10% Off The Yearly Plan, click here to check their website

Detailed features of what you are getting in each subscription as mentioned in the picture, for more detail, you can check their website.


let's cover the pros and cons


1) All in one tool for selling on Amazon and also on Walmart.

2) Detailed in-depth tool for finding the right product and niche.

3) I love this one that is a keyword research tool- Cerebro is amazing not just for AMAZON FBA but also for KDP.

4) Black box which is for me secret box (btw) is an amazing way to find the right product and niche.

5) All types of plans to subscribe - starter and free plan for beginners, so much flexibility with plans.

6) Good services and support system.

7) Training available on how to use this software.

8) Amazing marketing and in-built tools.

9) More advanced and detailed tool than its competitors.

10) Strategic data and analysis for your products.


1) Little bit complicated in the beginning because they cover a lot on their website, so you need to watch training to use it effectively.

2) Little bit expensive if you go with all tools fully.


There are some alternatives as well that as Junglescout which is also an alternative tool for Amazon sellers.


I personally recommend Helium 10, start with a free plan and then upgrade as per your need, it's an amazing tool I have ever seen regarding selling on Amazon, must give a trying tool, otherwise, you are missing on your sale.


I personally would give 4.5 stars out of 5.

Disclaimer- Links included in this blog might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you and it supports my website/blog so I can continue bringing more content to you guys :)

Source of pictures- all pictures are taken from HELIUM 10 website.

Now, let me know what are your thoughts?


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