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My Redbubble account suspended, now what?

Yes, you hear right my Redbubble account suspended, how does it happen?

Well, stick around I am going to talk that same thing in this blog

An almost a week I was uploading artwork on my old Redbubble shop, after just uploading the artwork I got an email stating that the Redbubble designs that I uploaded recently were put on hold, they gonna review my account and let me know when my Redbubble designs are live in my shop.

So I just logged out and then 2 days, later on, I got another email stating that My Redbubble designs are now active in my shop.

Then I made a new account for making youtube video and various youtube tutorials and all, that was the purpose of that new account and I was uploading Avtar, shop cover and all, and the moment I was about to finish it I got an error from Redbubble stating that my session has expired, I need to log in back to access my account, so I did the same I just log into my account and when I did it again gave me an error that It looks like that my Redbubble account has been suspended and more info contact the Help Center.

So I did the same I just went to Redbubble center and read all the necessary info but that information wasn't sufficient for me to understand why my account has been suspended and what could I do

Since this was a new account I haven't uploaded any artwork on that new account so I was shocked to get such an error.

So I send an email request to Redbubble about this stuff and I get an automated response from Redbubble saying that they will get in touch with me soon.

But I am really surprised why it happened to me and what could I do to get my account back.

But now I am waiting for a reply from Redbubble.

Also, I have made a complete video on this topic talking about it in detail

So I hope this video will help you and I will keep you updated if I get more info and get my account back and all.

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