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Copyright Infringement/ Copyright, trademark

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

I was getting few comments/ few DMs people asking me why their listing are taken down or their shop have been shut down on various art selling website or print on demand websites.

Disclaimer- Well before actually reading this blog article, I would like to tell you I am not a legal advisor or lawyer or an expert in this area, I am talking based on my personal experience and on my knowledge and it's my personal recommendations, for more detail you can consult your lawyer or expert or can read the terms and conditions of these websites and also read their privacy policy and all.

So now there are few reasons why this actually happens, 4 things based on my personal experience.

1) Infringement of copyright

2) Infringement of trademark

3) Infringement of right of publicity

4) Infringement of right of privacy

I have made a complete video on this topic talking about why this happens and how you can avoid it

I hope you find some clarity about why it happens and what you can do to avoid it, I hopw this article helps you with that.


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