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There are so many ways but I will share some ways based on my knowledge and experience so far. 1) Selling art in form of digital files is one of the most common methods and it's increasing as people are going more online it's one of the passive ways, you can convert your art into digital files and start selling on websites like Etsy, Creative Fabrica, Creative market, etc. 2) Selling art on print on demand products it's also gaining more traction sites like Redbubble, Teepublic, Zazzle, displate, etc allow you to place your work on different products like T-shirts, mugs, etc and when someone buys these companies will do everything from printing to shipping, delivery and you will make a commission for every product sold and it's also one of the most passive income ideas. 3) Selling art as NFT it's also gaining more traction with increasing crypto popularity and with time it will increase more you can convert your art into NFT and start selling on websites like the open sea, foundation, rarible, etc. 4) Selling art on books - you can sell your art in form of books or book cover templates or people to buy and start using for their book or just purchasing the coloring book the print demand technology is gaining traction on websites like kindle direct publishing owned by Amazon, Ingram spark, Lulu, etc will just print your book and deliver to your customer and you make a commission for every book sold. And you can sell book Cover templates on Etsy, Creative fabrics, Creative market, etc. 5) Selling art on cards & comic books with print-on-demand technology companies help you by printing your work on playing cards and comic books and shipping it to your customer.  6) selling art for wall art- it also gaining more traction as art printable digital files or physical wall art or art posters it also comes with print on demand or you can simply sell it as a digital printable file. 7) Selling art for animations and movies is also gaining more traction with increasing traction for animations and growing technology.  For more detail check my free youtube video on this topic here

Hopefully, it will help you let me know what you think 

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