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I am selling my work for 2 years a lot has happened in my journey and I learned a lot and still learning new things, without knowing what to expect It can be risky when starting, so I will list some things that might happen with you and which you can expect again it varies from person to person it might not happen with you at all but I will share it here. Tips are 1) Failure is part of this process you might fail when trying to do one new thing and feel like what to do next so don't give up keep going on you will find its solution. 2) People will brag or lie on your faces about their success story, not all people do that but you might come across such people who do that so be aware of that. 3) Fun, fear and excitement are part of this journey you will see and experience all of them together or one of them. 4) It's a rewarding journey you will feel satisfied when you reach the level it's so much rewarding. 5) Pain are agent of growth emotional mental or physical pains are agents of growth you might experience them. 6) Lonely wolf journey you might see and feel that no one is supporting you or helping as it's a risky road so people often think that you will fail you might feel lonely but don't feel sad just keep going. 7) Don't give up the feeling of giving up is common whenever you see a new road hang on and don't give up you will reach there where you want to reach Want to know more?? Watch my free youtube video here

Hopefully, it will help you let me know what you think

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